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Hi again,

with some tinkering i've been able to load your scripts into my project without making it buggy. 

New problem however, didn't know i should've posted it on the other topic but hey seemed a different type of issue. 

The new problem is your variable G. (like in the parser line 87 -> G.can_talk) 

I cant find where G is defined and how ? Is it a singleton that autoloads and i dont have the file or am i completely missing something ? 

For info : my player scene with all the animations, health, and stuff, is called player.tscn which is an extension of our singleton "" 

Hope you'll be able to help ! Thanks in advance



Pretty new with godot here. We havea project in which we do an action-rpg Zelda-clone type. 

I am in charge of the dialogues....

You system is perfect for what we want to achieve, though the first version will only use few of the features, therfore first of all, thanks. 

Now the problem is with the implementation of the system within our game. I did the autoload and load, but i can't see in your demo where you initialize or how you start the dialogue. Is there one variable specific for the initialization ? Because i see in your demo for each character have json variable type path that we can add our dialog into?  What if there is no character at all ? 

Sorry for the mess but thanks still for you software. 

PS: if you could do a step-by-step video on how to import it in another projet and stuff like that that'd be awesome!