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Beans Inc

First person restaurant Tycoon · By vandijkstef

I played your game for my YouTube channel

A topic by EarlyAccessGamer created Mar 19, 2017 Views: 385 Replies: 3
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I really enjoyed playing this game :P However, I think there is quite a lot missing (instructions ASAP please) and the pathfinding + AI is pretty buggy. I also thought the outside world was missing a bit. I have submitted an application for the alpha so hopefully I will get access and can make a video with the most recent changes :D


Hey! Thnx for playing! I've included you in the list, so you'll have backroom access in the next patch. Please make sure you use the Itch app to launch the game. The backroom allows usage of the computer, which allows you to order more beans, cups and cookies.

Not drinking cups is a problem I wasnt aware of, same with the faulty accepting of their orders (Actually rewrote that order system for this patch) Please bear with the retarded AI for a moment, they will have to get their place in the world. Untill then they are heavily depending on RNG. The gatherings behind the hills are supposed to represent a sleeping state

ohhhh! I'm so excited, thank you :) glad I could be some help locating bugs as well

Hello everyone my name is Slester, so i played this game on my channel and it was cool but personally i feel like this game need more stuff to do. So here is my gameplay hope you guys enjoy it.