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A member registered Mar 14, 2017

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This is the bee's tits. Can't wait for more :D

Greatest game I have ever played :D

:O I didn't know you could cook them by dropping things near the fire! I'll have to give it another go to see how far I can get with this in mind

Such a fun little game :D So simple but very addictive and surprisingly difficult.

Hahahahaha, I had a really good time playing this game anyway :) So simple but so enjoyable.

This is the best free flight simulator I have ever played! I was absolutely blown away, keep up the amazing work :D

Created a new topic I FOUND WORDS

I had no idea what I was getting into when I sat down to let's play this game this evening. I did however find out some stuff other people haven't said yet. At various points, in this order, I had these words appear:


Also, check out my "let's play" video where I am enticed by the mystery of this game.

I made a new Ravenfield video :D In this one I try a few different challenges and collect it all into some funny moments. Enjoy.

Check out my previous video

Just been looking through the repo. Incredible that you've done all this work alone. Is there a contributors guide for software developers?

Oh my god. I'm on holiday ATM and I need to play this game. How cool is it that it's open aource

I made a new Ravenfield video :D In this one I try a few different challenges and collect it all into some funny moments. Enjoy.

Check out my previous video

I made a new Ravenfield video :D In this one I try a few different challenges and collect it all into some funny moments. Enjoy.

Check out my previous video

What do you mean? Wouldn't it be a bit boring to play a game by yourself?

Such a cute game :P

I'm excited too. I think the creators are still waiting on permission to create the full game.

hahaha, it's funny that you say that. When I was editing it I realised I said minecraft instead of rust and had to cut heaps of stuff out to make it make sense. I would have just re-recorded it but it was already my second attempt and I was over it.

It's a shame that your asset was stolen in this way :(

get hype

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I can't wait for the full game - dreaming of Zero <3

Replied to MUIFWEGO in Gameplay video

Wow! Amazing what can be achieved with such a small team. Do you plan to go on Greenlight

Replied to MUIFWEGO in Gameplay video

:D you rock Rafi. How big is the team working on this game

I made a couple of gameplay videos of this game. Including one where I see just how many bots I can get in at once. I'm really enjoying it and can't wait for Beta 6.

:O that's not good. Hopefully the creator can address ASAP

Thanks :D I had a really great time doing it. Can't wait for mor

thanks man! :) keep up the great games

Created a new topic Gameplay video
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I had no idea what to expect when I started playing this and I was totally blown away. This game is AWESOME. Probably one of the most feature-filled and polished games that I have played on this site. Please keep working on it.

Such a cute game :P

This was pretty incredible for a demo created in just 2 weeks! Can't wait for more of the story, I need my romance with Zero to continue.

As I slapped the towel against another flaming red ass I knew that I had reached it, Nirvana. This is the game to end all other games. A masterpiece.

Any news on the update?

I reckon you can do it in half the time :D

Far out, this game turned out to be way more awesome than I was expecting :D Thanks!

Is your computer on?

Just finished playing this :P My only complaints are that it lacks depth and it is WAYYY too easy. The graphics are wonderful as always though and the free camera is a really nice addition to tower defence that I hadn't experienced before.

I made another video where I speedrun :D

If you press Q at the start of the game you can quit the tutorial and just mess about.

hopefully soon.

Just for fun while we wait for a new version/career mode I decided to see how quickly I could finish the game. It took quite a few attempts as the game kept breaking but eventually I was able to complete it in: 1m 28s

I recorded it as well if you want to see how I did it (and the numerous failed attempts, hahaha)

I am very interested to see if anyone can beat my time.

no worries

Try redownloading and extracting to a folder on your desktop. This should hopefully fix it. Next suggestion after that is to try the 32bit version

McINTYRE, getting a lot of queries similar to this now. It might be an idea to pin the installation instructions so they are easier to find.