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Far out, this game turned out to be way more awesome than I was expecting :D Thanks!

I made a couple of gameplay videos of this game. Including one where I see just how many bots I can get in at once. I'm really enjoying it and can't wait for Beta 6.

Absolutely loving this game :D

Also, if anyone is interested, I just finished playing the Tower Defence version, also made by JNI.

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Such a fun little game :D So simple but very addictive and surprisingly difficult.

Is your computer on?

Just finished playing this :P My only complaints are that it lacks depth and it is WAYYY too easy. The graphics are wonderful as always though and the free camera is a really nice addition to tower defence that I hadn't experienced before.

Really enjoyed playing your game :)

I made another video where I speedrun :D

If you press Q at the start of the game you can quit the tutorial and just mess about.

hopefully soon.

Just for fun while we wait for a new version/career mode I decided to see how quickly I could finish the game. It took quite a few attempts as the game kept breaking but eventually I was able to complete it in: 1m 28s

I recorded it as well if you want to see how I did it (and the numerous failed attempts, hahaha)

I am very interested to see if anyone can beat my time.

no worries

Try redownloading and extracting to a folder on your desktop. This should hopefully fix it. Next suggestion after that is to try the 32bit version

McINTYRE, getting a lot of queries similar to this now. It might be an idea to pin the installation instructions so they are easier to find.

please try running the game as an administrator

McINTYRE, it might be a good idea to pin this now that the page is getting so many new posts

can you confirm that that file exists and you are running 64 bit windows

Have you tried restarting your PC

I played your game and I thought it was pretty rad. A lot of room for improvement though and some areas could be cut back on. Watch the response here:

I think they are stuck in there until Beta 6/Steam release. I can't see the developer updating the game just to remove the pumpkins hahaha, that might cause a riot.

instructions now updated with a Linux install script. Thank you Jawtheshark.

ohhhh! I'm so excited, thank you :) glad I could be some help locating bugs as well

No worries :D I am jus glad you get to experience this awesome game.

I really enjoyed playing this game :P However, I think there is quite a lot missing (instructions ASAP please) and the pathfinding + AI is pretty buggy. I also thought the outside world was missing a bit. I have submitted an application for the alpha so hopefully I will get access and can make a video with the most recent changes :D

Legend :P I'll chuck them in my installation post with your warnings.

Try this one: http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/desktop/legacy?product=legacy2&os=Windows+7+-+64


You can use the tool at the link above from AMD. This will automatically detect your graphics card and help you get the right drivers. Also, good choice on operating system :D The last good version of Windows.

I have never heard of the AMD Radeon R3, are you sure this is the right graphics card? What version of Windows are you running?

From experience, downloading directx is no small task. Can you please confirm that you downloaded from this link: https://www.microsoft.com/EN-NZ/DOWNLOAD/DETAILS.A...

Secondly, you might need to update the drivers for your graphics card. This can be a bit tricky too, the best thing to do is work out if you have an Nvidia, Intel or AMD graphics card, then google "INTEL/AMD/NVIDIA Graphics Drivers" and there should be a helpful form to direct you to the right drivers.

yeah, I didn't include any instructions initially because I didn't really think anyone running Linux would have any problems. A script would be the bee's knees :)

Working on getting some Linux instructions for the thread :)

hi Jawtheshark, these instructions are pretty good. Do you mind if I add them to my installation instructions post

When can we expect Beta 6? I'm on the edge of my seat here!

I really enjoyed playing this game which was highly polished for a game jam release. Not too much to do but a fun little play. :)

I really like the idea behind this game and love the art style. Not sure there is much to do yet but there is a lot of potential and an active developer. Hopefully the updates keep coming and a really great game comes out of it :D

I concur. Especially when installing a motherboard, this is very difficult with the computer standing upright.

Thank you so much for these instructions :) I've added them to the main post. I'm on my phone at the moment so I can't format them as a quote but I'll do that tonight.

I might be out of my depth when it comes to Arch Linux :/ I haven't tested it on Linux myself.