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Visual Scripting + Automation for Unity · By Evasion Games

Source code

A topic by gerdich created Feb 12, 2020 Views: 1,205 Replies: 8
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When I've bought GameFlow you have promised to publish the source code once the support has ended. Where can I find the source code?

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for asking. In short, the source code is still not available.

Yes, it is true that some time ago in a thread on the Unity forum the GameFlow author wrote: "If I ever decide to discontinue the development of GameFlow for a reason different to an acquisition, I will disclose the source code" .

And it is also true that the product page was modified just recently to announce that we are no longer maintaining the tool, but notice that we also removed the screenshot refered to the source code question (where the "opensource" term was used explicitly).

The reason for removing that screenshot is that we would like to have a "grace period" (maybe some weeks from here) just to reconsider our decisions on both the maintainance and the opensourcing questions. The moment we have a final decision we will announce it here, so please stay tuned.

I understand that it takes time and will wait. ... and I even hope that the wonderful Asset will continue one or the other way.

Any news on this? It's been two months and I can't find the source code. I think that's more than enough for a grace period. Promising the source code and deleting the screenshot when it's time to fulfill the promise is a very distrustful move.

ehm ehm, around 200 days passed. Probably not sharing what you promised and neither working on it isn't something ethical in my view (I also have bought years ago). The community could help you regenerate the flame and spark something even better.

Yes. I am waiting for the source code too.

Me too

...still nothing?

Will there still be source code? What we need is an answer