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CATALYST - Resist Jam Entry

A topic by LucreGames created Mar 15, 2017 Views: 165
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Hold back the darkness that's taking over your town.

Recruit others in the cause. The more people you have fighting back, the stronger your message is. Appeal to your fellow humans to have them join the fight.

Just wrapped up our Resist Jam title, CATALYST. Made in a week with Unity.

Some design notes:

  • The giant dark wave represent oppression, pushing marginalized out of the community. It has an effect on people, but not the static environment
  • Effort made to destroy the crispness of the polygons. Noise filter & Sunshafts to help emphasize movement and almost feels like an old film projector
  • Making an appeal to the public using logos, pathos, & ethos. Crowd is (temporarily) disgruntled if you fail to make an appeal.
  • Crowd size affects power of resistance
  • Energetic & frantic, with music to match the game's pacing (literally to the BPM of the character run cycle)
  • Tonal SFX, in mostly D Major, to blend the aural scene together
  • Not overt messaging, keeping the struggle abstract, because we can't speak for everyone. The player chooses what the darkness represents

[FREE] Win & OS X
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