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Space Bob vs. The Replicons

Salvage resources to help Bob escape the Replicon invasion. Physics-based gameplay in radial gravity. · By Intravenous Software

I have 2 new ideas for the game.

A topic by ABC_123 created Mar 12, 2017 Views: 568 Replies: 12
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Name: Victor Ford.

Age: 16.

Location: Sweden.


So I came up with new 2 ideas to the game which would make the game better. (sorry for the bad grammar, english wasn't my first language)


1. My ideas is a [SAVE GAME] button and [LOAD GAME] button because everytime I want to play I have to start over from the beginning (without the tutorial).

2. Easy, Medium, Hard, Hardcore mode, these options will let the player decide which difficulty the game should be on. I've tried to modify the game with recources, difficulty and everything but failed because the game kept crashing when i did it.


Unfortunately this is the only ideas I could come up with since I think really slowly.


Opinion: I would definetly pay at least 5$ to be able to play the game if the save/load game would come.


If you got any questions please tell me them in the comments bellow this post. I will reply as soon as I can.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for your ideas Victor. Don't worry about having to start again each time. It's designed and balanced to be played that way.

Each game is meant to last about 30-60 minutes. If you haven't escaped through the jump gate before that time, the Replicons will be all over the system and will likely kill you. Have fun exploring and trying out new things, and expect to die many times before you learn the skills required to escape.

It would be nice to have a mode that would have a more long term style with saveing and reloading. That would bring in the people who want a long survival game while keeping the origanal game mode for everyone who wants that. Otherwize, once someone beats the game they would just become disiterested with the game. I would also be fine if you added it to after you escape through the jump gate. This then would be a game that I would sink a year into while still having tons of fun.


I love the idea of a long-term survival mode too. It's a fantastic idea and one that I seriously considered during the design phase.

There's plenty more planned than what you see now though. Beating the first boss will not be the end. It's just the beginning. It simply the first goal for the player and the section of the game that I'm focused on tuning and polishing during this free alpha version.

Many more bosses, secret bosses, more enemies, and dozens more planets with their own challenges are still to come.

I actually did manage coming to the replicon station in 20 minutes and destroy most of the machines but I didn't have enough jump fuel to get to the Jump Gate. I enjoy the game a lot and would love to play it more.

Good work with the game! 9,6/10


That's great to hear. Thanks.

Ah, sandbox mode without hurry...

Frankly, when I was see map in first time, I pretty sad about hasteful invasion like FTL and haven't much time for some of peaceful exploration here.

However, how restart game fully, to go training again?


The ability to restart training has been added to the latest build. Version 0.500.

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Horray, I need this for fully testing! Hm, but I must not Replay, but Continue Training firstly, from Crystal chapter.
And now... I can sleep in the end of Training with Lander outside and wake up on ground of another asteroid. Maybe close the gates after ship's docking? But player can be outside again... Let's player go to excursion and then to sleep from refueling station! Ah, no, just take control in moment of docking... Buut some of crystals can be lost unrefined without manual cut-n-drop it before docking..


"but I must not Replay, but Continue Training firstly, from Crystal chapter."

Oh. Yes. I know why that is happening. It's only going to happen for those players who completed the tutorial on previous builds. This new build records your place in the tutorial differently. If you complete the tutorial in this build, the 'Continue Replay' button will change to read 'Replay Tutorial' and it will start from the beginning again.

"I can sleep in the end of Training with Lander outside and wake up on ground of another asteroid."

Ooops! That happened to me too while testing. I meant to fix it and forgot all about it. I'll fix it for the next build.

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Dock's autorepar of Lander don't work.

Maybe cause I bring Cubefriends on board to hang down with me...
In upper corners of Dock.
But this is no training and restart of game already.


Ooops. We can't be having a bug like that.

A hotfix has already been deployed and is ready for download.

There was a previous bug that could allow the landing pad to descend out of the main ship and sit in empty space. The fix for that introduced this new bug. It's fixed now and the repair lasers work in build 0.501.

Thanks for letting me know so quickly. It would have been a shame to have a game-breaking bug like that at the start of the weekend.

Will there be multiplayer? Think of the order in the chaos.....