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A member registered Mar 08, 2017

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I actually did manage coming to the replicon station in 20 minutes and destroy most of the machines but I didn't have enough jump fuel to get to the Jump Gate. I enjoy the game a lot and would love to play it more.

Good work with the game! 9,6/10

Name: Victor Ford.

Age: 16.

Location: Sweden.


So I came up with new 2 ideas to the game which would make the game better. (sorry for the bad grammar, english wasn't my first language)


1. My ideas is a [SAVE GAME] button and [LOAD GAME] button because everytime I want to play I have to start over from the beginning (without the tutorial).

2. Easy, Medium, Hard, Hardcore mode, these options will let the player decide which difficulty the game should be on. I've tried to modify the game with recources, difficulty and everything but failed because the game kept crashing when i did it.


Unfortunately this is the only ideas I could come up with since I think really slowly.


Opinion: I would definetly pay at least 5$ to be able to play the game if the save/load game would come.


If you got any questions please tell me them in the comments bellow this post. I will reply as soon as I can.