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I got a lot of creepy Rusty Lake vibes here. And some of The Village (2004) movie.

Tree overgrown and disappear, every click make rightside window wider.

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Exactly that review did push me to buy.
But I totally not doing as instructed! Don't want video tutorials! Want touch first experience by myself!
And then after some mistakes read manual for secret controls.

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Cool voxel-destructible multiplayer shooter. It's like Voxelsten, but Quake!

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Nice retro styled thing!
Feels of old good Noctis IV, but with much more interactions and developing of equipment.

And danger!

What I waited for!

Can be interesting with scores, if they will learn to not crowd and seek start of swinging leg from distance.

Thanks! Useful for SF inspiration!

For Science of Informatics!

Reloading every one of mobs in GunStore only by microcontrol is really annoying moment.

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Woah, that's cute sounds, great piles and algorithmathics! Ah, like in times of Colobot programming!
Ohh, I play 5 hours in first try and  hardly make stable Forestry automation. Hm, still without tools remaking.

Its quite hard to manipulate things in inventory for work steps. Especially tools check in the middle of harvesting.
Need to use number buttons for slots and place stuff to inventory slots directly.

...Or I just simply add one worker especially for log transportation and axe guy cut until his hands is empty (then take fresh axe),  so no more axe-logs inventory messing.

Sometimes need Copy and Repeat of selected lines.

Times repeat over Times repeat is infinite cycle. 
Same with Full hands over Full inventory repeat.
Ah, already.

Find nearby Log after cutting tree take most far away Log.
Same with Tree Seeds.

Pretty stylized! Too bad, there's no option for regrow economics of neighbours.

Need original name to search for this simulator, like: 

Neurofit: Raising of Artifical Life

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I think, your human need more time per generation to relize that he can move much far not only by falling to lenght of his body.
Hmm, no, there's need to mix some numbers of nodes.

Ah, I wanna pay for it. It's much realistic then Curious expedition!

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I mean, throwing your tied crystals, debris, stuff and even overthrow your Lander.
Uh, cut by rolling, as I wanna say! Yes, it's will be hard to fight in corridors... But I can make barricades against them. Maybe even take Lander inside base just like shield, cause reps don't attack uncontrolled ship. But they ram and roll, if you nearby...

It's can be more interesting to explore enemy base with hidden insides.
Need an Replicon  who can cut my precious ropes, cause it's too easy to tie all down..
Enemy, who can throw things, like that blowing sawcrab here M5OuxYFVpfA?t=32m56s
For some of mid-range danger without blaster-shooting-bugs. Plus mess with cargo.

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Interface, sound-music, gamepads, artifical structures, weather, snow,  ice, technodatabanks, rolling dragonfly larvae, central station labyrinth...
Okay, I must pay before Visa gonna blocked for my country...

I think, planets and asteroids must have vary parameter of gravity for transporting differences. 
Not only replicons, lava and acid drops is enemy (in addition to knocking myself to death).
Maybe weather conditions too (with gradual increasing and fading, so player can be ready). Winds like that impulses on boss station. Storm clouds, who strike metal things nearby. Earthquakes. Raging nature.

Uh, I was afraid at first lines. Now relieved and subscribed to new topics too.
Hurrah, next stage of creation!

Can I buy the game in advance?

It's interesting to do things without errors, but then quite easy and repeatable. What about overfueling?

Funny upgrades and power of gold too. But easy.

So much physically! Can 't be fast enough to ram crowd to disperse them...

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Only one anchor point per Spider. limb.

Blinking voices is cute! May they be more scary in attacking?

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Dock's autorepar of Lander don't work.

Maybe cause I bring Cubefriends on board to hang down with me...
In upper corners of Dock.
But this is no training and restart of game already.

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It's featurely interesting to fight with Roper only like Tri-Archid, but Limbo already did it.
I mean, spider tearing.

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Horray, I need this for fully testing! Hm, but I must not Replay, but Continue Training firstly, from Crystal chapter.
And now... I can sleep in the end of Training with Lander outside and wake up on ground of another asteroid. Maybe close the gates after ship's docking? But player can be outside again... Let's player go to excursion and then to sleep from refueling station! Ah, no, just take control in moment of docking... Buut some of crystals can be lost unrefined without manual cut-n-drop it before docking..

Nice sounds addition! Especially shots, crystals and legs. Looking soon for buzzing of replicons!
But sound of slipping on ground hearing something like jet engines somewhere.
When crystals tied so close, theres so repeatable dinging.
Need upgrade for fast reeling of ropes. Main feature weapon+instrument, as for me.
Also what about special spiders, who shooting ropes, like me?

Landerblocking is great for safely scavenging.

Damn that curves.

Now I can eat swarms purely.

Lander can beat boss in solo!

But stucks here too easy...

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Uh, hot battle of ropes. I stand ground so much and failed here.

Ah, and now I can distant control Lander by R... But it's dangerous for long range transporting with player's vulnerable on the ground without something for mobile defence. Ah, I can block enter to cave by ship and be safe... Plus it's a good turret (but I cannot shoot myself). Or just make old school stone-web barricades.

Now there's no autocut on Refship anywhere. Sometimes I tangle myself in stone garlands so much and cannot exit from ship. Plus lift system can pool garlands from refinery to dock through walls and stuck crystals here.

Ah, sandbox mode without hurry...

Frankly, when I was see map in first time, I pretty sad about hasteful invasion like FTL and haven't much time for some of peaceful exploration here.

However, how restart game fully, to go training again?

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Thanks, they're don't invade your refinery ship. Not too much... There's so peaceful up here, and hell on the ground.
Insufficient danger of high level invasion!

Nice additions to simple clicker. I'm fall for it again...

Ah, Vinland Saga! Need some harsh weather...

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Uh... creepy great mysterious living! Much interesting to find spirit needs myself, not by bestiary tips. Ghasts make me pain. But I peace them all and place totems everywhere! Am I win the game?

Quite fun to solve game logic, but so easy, when you place hit on every rotate.
Nice hand-crafted melody of actions!

Eh, no time for read anything, just random click every card on second part of game. Will be remembered.

So hard, if you cannot cancel tasks. Like wake him up and push to fire or fishing.
They die in the middle of walking, freezing in return from fishing, or starved, when gonna to it. Why they can't eat animals? I wanna prepare food!

Damn, why there' s war everytime!? Why not survive against environment!?