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Esoteric ♥ Erotica

A story driven erotic game about magic, supernatural forces, love and BDSM. · By EsoDev

Installation Seems...Questionable

A topic by Playfulpetfox created Feb 03, 2020 Views: 864 Replies: 2
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Just gotta say, it's not very comforting to see a file filled with what looks to be enough content for the game to launch, then being prompted to launch a Command Prompt specifically in Administrator mode. I understand you made the engine yourself, but it comes across as pretty sketchy. Installing anything with a CMD from an unkonwn developer is iffy enough, but one that demands admin makes it significantly worse. 

Yeah, but sadly it's required by the components I use that this is done in specifically this way and every applications that uses these components does it this way. Which includes at least several applications I'm quite sure you already have installed on your PC. And I guarantee to you that you've gave every one of those apps permission to do it without even batting an eye at it.

 As far as I've looked into it, there's no work around for this so I'd need to swap to a different HTML engine entirely and I'm not interested in spending the time on it right now.

If you don't want to install it because it looks sketchy to you... just don't run it. That's really it.

(As a side note, the installer currently does only one thing and that's set an elevated FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION flag for the game engine.)

I have no idea what makes it being a CMD or not has anything to do with anything. It's a high level C# assembly either way.

If you don't want to run the installer, a completely equivalent operation is finding either of these registries (first is 64 bit, second is 32 bit)


And addine a key-value pair (DWORD) of Esoteric.exe and 11001.

Additionally, the information for the installs contains a VirusTotal link for both the .exe files and the archive that gives you scan results for the file using about 70 different malware detection engines.