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Man, I just eat this stuff up. I think it's lacking a bit of the subtlety that separates the good from the great, but it's hard to really nail that in such a short experience. Fantastic work all the same. 

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That's a dangerous amount of power you're giving someone...

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You should really add more screenshots and a better description. 

We will watch your career with great interest...

>Art is stolen cub nsfw

>No pics of supposed """game"""

>No description of what the """game""" is

Yeah, this seems legit. 

You spent so, so much of your free time...making this? For free? 

I wish you nothing but the best in life, you glorious, magnificent, talented individual. May success follow you wherever you go. 

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I absolutely adore the idea of this, but for me, at least, it just doesn't really get me there. It constantly almost gives me exactly what I want, but then I'm hit with what amounts to a fetch quest...or, I guess Faustequest. Eh? Eh? Anyways. It seems really, really weird to have a hypnotist that you pick, but then you are JUST doing tasks for them, and that's it. They play no other role. I get the whole subtle guiding thing with the spirals being the focus, but for me, the actual instruction from the hypnotist is what I favor. I loved when they were there, speaking, but then it was just killing time until they came back. Even if they would just pop up every now and again to repeat a set 10 or so instructions, it'd have added a lot. 

Still, very fantastic for a free project you put out there, and I adored the characters and personalities of each. Shame this seems more or less on hold indefinitely. 

" torturing annoying f95 users, who criticize my main project"


This has to be the most productive bout of petulant anger at being criticized I've ever seen. At least you kinda made something, I guess. 

Afraid to say that you've forgotten to actually provide a way to play the game. There is no download nor browser play. 

>Posts "Game" on website for posting games

>Not actually a game, just an ad for a game that doesn't exist

>No demo, no screenshots

>Only haughty claims without anything to back them up

Awesome, man. Great work. So cool. 

Unfathomably based response

I'll be frank my guy, we have nothing to go off here. No real description of the contents, no example of your writing, nothing. There are 2 chapters, but of what? We have genuinely no clue. Even the title is nothing. I'm all for supporting up and coming creators, but this is absolutely not how you do it. If you're going to ask for money from people, have the courtesy to take 10 minutes and setup a professional page for your product. 

Human faced furries will never not be deeply unsettling

Genuinely some of the best, if not outright the best, VA I've heard in a porn game. Let alone one focused on vore and currently free. The ability to go right into vore is nice, and the wholesome route of a nice date is really sweet. 

As for criticisms, I think the vore is actually the weakest part of the entire thing. It's lacking in description and is very, very short. The writing as a whole is rather succinct and lacking in extra detail or flair, mainly just getting the point across. It sadly does boil down to "Emotionless player goes on date". We see very little personality from Cristina, other than that she is a bit of a nerd girl. 

For a 0.1 release, it's a great start, but I definitely think it could be improved. Not just expanded, but rewritten with a bit more time put into it. Make her feel a bit less two dimensional, maybe add in some slightly meaningless options that let the player both feel more engaged and also get more responses from your date, and so on. 

That all said and done, fantastic work. One of very few porn VNs I actually took the time to read rather than just skipping through. 

B r u v 

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You should really add some real screenshots so we have an idea of what to expect. I'm not downloading something that could just be stick figures and google translated dialogue.



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Soooo excited to get to eventually play this~!

Twitter moment

Wait, my bad. moment. 


That would nearly double the work load for an already strained development team. Dialogue change, scenes being re-written, and straight doubling the art needed. If it were easy, every game in existence would do it. It might happen later, but it's not likely. 

I am not a dev of this game, to be clear, just experienced with how these things work. 

You, uh...misspelled "Fury" 

Papa bless the continued creation of the best Vore game to exist thus far. 

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I'd recommend putting at least one image of the NSFW content on the main page to give people an idea of what to expect. 

You should really add actual images of the game to attract people. I don't know what this is. I don't know what it's supposed to be. I only know what it might have thanks to tags.

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Out of curiosity, are you intentionally writing present events in the past tense? "He'd speak with such conviction that you found it hard to breathe" 

You do this a lot throughout the story, using past rather than present tense. It comes across...weird. It's very disjointed when everything is happening in such a dethatched manner. 

"You'd pull your head away"

It's like you're watching yourself, rather than experiencing it for yourself. To me, at least, it defeats the purpose of a first person story. I also saw some future tense in there as well.

It's like you had a stroke victim type up an official post. 

I would be REALLY funny if you got DMCA'd

Charging money for AI art



The arms just...aren't quite right.

You are seriously the only champion out here filling the Vore game niche. 90% of the other ones are in the Quest engine, and that thing is just...sin incarnate. Thank you, you absolute fucking legend, for continuing this masterpiece.


I understand that you gotta work with what you have, but calling Quest a great system is absolutely hysterical. Quest is straight awful, no two ways about it. Runs horribly, controls horribly, and is eternally marred by zero QoL. 

The art and mid-combat groping feels promising, but feel the game needs a bit of very focused polishing. Specifically, it shouldn't game over when you lose. Getting a game over for trying to get lewds in a game literally centralized on lewd content is just bad design. The player shouldn't be punished for trying to get the content they showed up for. 

No pictures

No description

Nothing to tell us anything at all. 

Nothing suspicious here at all...

>"Awarded 'Best Visuals'"

>Refuses to elaborate further


Damn, you beat me to it!