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Damn, you beat me to it!

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Nothing like the scourge of the comment section on literally any horror game. 

99% of people just shamelessly promoting their own awful channels. 

Genuinely taken aback by how excited I am for this. There are literally hundreds of creators making over 2k a month on patreon that don't even put out the most miniscule updates within a year, yet here you are, for free, working towards a massive content dump. Keep it up, you absolute chad. 

That UI is...really rough

You should definitely add some pictures that give an idea of what the game is. Most people won't download something without any clue of how it looks or plays. 

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Can't say I entirely agree with the decision, but it's the dealer's choice, after all! I look forward to seeing what you add!

Definitely really neat! Love seeing a project that stands out among so many others! Can't say I've really found any other 3D vore games that are actual games rather than just interactives. If I had to recommend anything for the vore aspect, I'd say adding more focus onto the actual vore would be nice. Right now, it feels like the idea of vore is there, and not much else since you are there one minute, than in the stomach the very next. The addition of sliding down the throat, possibly even with the ability to manually forward in phases with looping animations, would really add a lot to this. 

I.E, you're held dangling above an open maw in phase 1, press E or Space to move onto phase two where your head is dropped in, press E or space again to move onto phase 3 where you're sliding down the throat, and so on. 

Regardless of what you choose to do, this is a very interesting endeavor so far, and I look forward to seeing how it progresses! It fills a very sparse niche, and I thank you for that. 

Thank you for listening to the feedback!

That's exactly what I came to comment about. I'm not downloading something that could very well look like Baldie's Basics. I've got no clue what to expect with just 'cover art'. 

Thank you for listening and accepting the criticism, it's definitely not easy hearing harsh things. It's also not easy making a game from the ground up either, so I definitely understand it will take time to grow. I'll be sure to keep up with the game's development, and I really hope you keep at it for long enough that this game starts to shine and gain some traction. It fills a niche that not many other games do, so I definitely would love to see this grow! 

Tl;dr, Thanks for taking criticism, and best of luck with this project.

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I love the concept for this, but it's in a really rough state. 90% of what I tried to do does nothing, and what does work has to be worded very specifically. For example, struggle, resist, escape, etc don't work. You HAVE  to word it as "Struggle against Salem" unless in seemingly the perfect scenario. I found that if I was grappled at one stage and tried "Struggle", it didn't work, but at seemingly another unmentioned stage of it, "Struggle" would work in the same way as squirm. Inconsistency is the name of this game. This, of course, only happens after you get him to appear. 

I tried "Call out into woods.", "Run into woods" , "Progress into woods" "Venture into woods" and literally nothing worked. I tried about 20 other things and nothing had any affect. This does not feel good to play when everything you try just doesn't work. I only managed to progress to Salem by just putting "Wait". I know the game is early, but what's available is near impossible to access by anyone with my seemingly lacking mindset for how to fenagle these games. I can't feel entirely at blame when the way forward is still seemingly picky, such as the very, very precise wording for resisting.

Another key example being how "Resist"  on its own does nothing, but "Squirm" does. The player has almost no autonomy over their actions, and instead of fighting Salem, are fighting this game's limitations...of which there are currently far, far too many. 

At this point, I had just wanted to see what would happen later, but I couldn't get him to even swallow me. I tried "Wait", spammed "Squirm", and tried every variation I could think of for "Give up". Nothing worked, nothing happened. 50 "Squirm"s later and nothing changed. I did what my character couldn't and gave up on the game, because it's near impossible to find any of the content. 

I look forward to seeing this game come along, but it needs a lot of TLC right now. 


Hard to take this seriously when it's being made by someone named "Cockhole"

If the core gameplay loop is genuinely fun on its own, random is a great way of adding longevity. If the gameplay loop is just 'okay' at best, more caringly crafted levels are a must. 

A really neat idea! I'm pretty excited to see where you go with this in future updates! Pretty neat to see a more detailed adult story prompt generator! 

This feels unhinged. 


Great way to handle defeat, champ! 

Oof, hit a sore spot with that, did I? I'm glad you wanted to broadcast being a dipshit to this little portion of the internet! I wanted to share in the joy of laughing at the village idiot. 

You had to edit your post twice. 

Amazing work, MarloweC, keep it up! I can smell the Cheeto dust from here. 

This dude is seriously confused about being confused. 

It's not often you see someone this confused. 

Anyone who's undertaken a project like this can understand, and as one with such ambitions that were met with a wall, I wish you all the best. It's never easy to start something like this, and it's all the harder to finish it when funding is pretty much nonexistent. It's soul wrenchingly hard to find motivation to even start the insurmountable work load needed to push out any kind of sizable update in-between the stress of life and holding a job. 

I'm glad you're not out right cancelling this, and I hope that one day you're able to come back to it and get back to work on it. Whether you do or don't, know that you have nothing to be sorry for. Life happens, and so do delays. Even ones that might be indefinite. 

Stay safe and take care, Autus. 

There's often value in silence, but even more so in breaking it. It just depends on who you break it to. I don't doubt that most people try to avoid depressing things like this, but those that don't have a lot to glean from it, both good and bad. It's very real, and very powerful to those willing to give it the time it deserves. 

I'm so glad you don't have to live with that secret any longer, and even if it is just through an online medium, I'm happy that you were able to share it with far more people than you could have expected. I wish you all the best going forward, and I hope that your struggles, efforts to share them, and future endeavors are met with success. 

"I didn't feel different. I was just here like I've always been." 

This was, in a word, difficult. It's impossible not to go through this without thinking at one point or another how bad something sounds, and quite often, for conflicting reasons. It does an incredible job of sharing a problem, but not forcing it, even if it's on a topic that is far too real to call 'well constructed'. The objective stance taken on several things, despite how easy it would be to turn any one of them into some kind of mouthpiece for an agenda, is beyond admirable. 

And the ability not to blame others, even more so. 

Sharing your experience like this will undoubtedly bring a slew of people lying about their own just to relate to it better or for attention, but plenty of others with real trauma just like this will also see it. Sifting through the false and real accounts or not, something like this might just save a life, be it from death or just trauma, and that's an incredible thing. It likely doesn't make what you went through any easier, but at least you know that in one way or another, you're helping people. 

Truly, incredible work. 


Finally, someone making hypno content! Thank you, you absolute chad! 


I really wish there were more games like this out there, because this game is just amazing! So few games tailor to prey like this, and the art is just fantastic. I'd just recommend a quality of life feature where getting a 'bad end' takes you back to the decision that led to it, not just the main menu. Everything else though is fantastic. 

It's because someone you follow rated it 1/5. Same person that brought me to it as well, I imagine. 

We know who the single dislike came from. 

A dead mean.

A corpse.

Genuinely a fantastic game; one of the best lewd text adventures I've come across! Not all of the scenes focus on my favorite aspects, and some go by a bit faster than others, but the amazing amount of content already present makes up for it! It's biggest perk is that it's very much a straight to the point lewd text adventure, so you don't have to wait long to get to the good stuff. There's also enough going on to keep you constantly worked up. I wish more people made games that got right into the action like this! The cloning mechanic is also pretty nice for this! Just a great overall experience!

A real shame this never got a continuation. 

I had the exact same thought after 50 days. 

I love how so many developers get 17k a month or more on patreon and can't even manage to put out fresh builds. It's genuinely insane how many people are okay being scammed by Fek, and the numerous people like them.

Furry Adult Game devs really don't like finishing things...

It will never not be strange to me when a game version is "1.01" ...and isn't anywhere near finished. Ever notice how sizable/notable games use "1.0 Launch!" as a big event, as it usually stands for it marking the completion of the game's base content? 

Third time's the charm...

You, the author, should always come first. You aren't stealing people's money with this game, and you sure as hell don't owe us anything. You take all the time you need to sort out your life. Fans of this game will still be here when you get back! 

I hope things get better for you soon enough, but no matter how long it takes, just make sure you watch out for yourself. Try not to worry about us too much! 

The puzzles in this are stunningly unique (compared to anything I've seen from and interesting! That being said, for an adult themed game, it's very unrewarding and lackluster in that department. The "story" is weak, the art is fine, but it's there for all of one click. Some may be able to, but I'd dare say most can't fully enjoy the adult nature of a game with 1 slide per. It needs a lot more to be considered over...any...other adult game worth its salt, but if the dev adds more reward for solving the puzzles, perhaps we'll get that. Overall, certainly worth a try, and a surprisingly high quality little platformer!