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Mac version?

A topic by Isotta created Feb 02, 2020 Views: 123 Replies: 3
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Hello there :)

I've played the first Planet Stronghold, and I've been so looking forward to play Planet Stronghold 2 so when I saw the beta was ready to download I bought it immediately.. without realizing that there are only windows and linux versions now and I own a macbook pro. 

So I'm wondering do you actually plan to add a mac version of the game? 


During the beta for sure not, since with the new Catalina OS would be impossible (I don't even have a mac anymore myself, so on every single update I should ask someone else). Once the beta is done I'll think about it but unfortunately it's unlikely I'll have Mac support again in future games after their crazy new requirements. It's rather simple to install Windows or Linux alongside MacOS though (you can dual boot).

I was hoping that there was some solution/workaround like already happened in the past with Gatekeeper (when 99% of user simply ignored it otherwise no software would work again) but so far I haven't heard about anything.

However: if you have a previous version of MacOS, the mac app is actually inside the bundle so you should be able to run it unzipping the .zip file. Basically download the .zip file, extract it, and you should find a Planet Stronghold with an icon that should work (unless you have Catalina).

Sorry about the inconvenience :(

Well, I can’t hide the fact that being a mac user I’m a bit disappointed, but I understand it can’t be easy on you considering all the effort and dedication you must have to make such a great game.  It’s ok, fault was mine because I should have checked before actually buying it, but I don’t really regret it. I’ve installed it on an old pc and it is working so all’s well than ends well :)


Awesome! Yes luckily the kind of games I make work even on very old PC - I have a 10+ years old PC with Windows XP and they still work fine! :P