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Honestly the first time a demo alone gets me this hyped! 

The story looks already so good, as well for the unusual setting and the characters are all extremely intriguing! I've also enjoyed all the possible dialogue choices and chances for further customization given to us, as well as for the overall aesthetics and music themes. 

Can't wait for future updates!!! 

I definitely need more!

Looking forward to future updates <3

Just finished playing the demo and damn: this game is so unique, I just love it! Can't wait for the next updates, you're doing great!

Very well written so far, totally looking forward the next update <3

Looking forward to the next update!

Great demo: can't wait for even more updates! <3

same: I was looking everywhere but found nothing ;(

Make more please, this was so frigging adorable I demand more!!! <3

Wow sooo looking forward to future updates (and nsfw content :3) 

Mori is amazing (both human and furry version) and the story so far intriguing! 

The art style is eye catching,  I especially enjoyed the soundtrack and I'm so glad  to be able to pick my own pronouns :)

Thank you for telling me!

Hello there! :)

Just wanted to say how I fell in love with your game, to the point I became a patreon right after my first playthrough and am currently replaying it: you did such an amazing job, everything about it is so beautiful! I'm so looking forward the wedding dlc after downloading all the previous updates <3 

If it is ok, I wanted to ask something though. I'm not really sure why but I couldn't unlock an image in the gallery, more specifically the one labeled step 2-3 .. can you help me, please?

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Just wanted to say how amazing this game is. The narrative is so good, and all the characters are so well developed and intriguing (my favorites so far are Rhot, Rhoushk and Xeroth.. why did you make all the lizards so frigging adorable?!) ! I really love the plot and all the different quests so far, also the game's mechanics are pretty intuitive and the art style simply gorgeous <3  Also wanted to say that even though this is a game focused strongly on male content I, as a female straight gamer, am really thankful for being able to customize my character as a straight woman and still being able to fully enjoy the game. So in the end thank you for creating such a good game (and for the cheats <3 ), can't wait for your next update!

Amazing!!! I love everything about this demo: the plot is captivating, the characters and their dynamics intriguing and I adore how the main character is an old, powerful vampire (plus all the customizable options!!!). I would say so much more but I don't want to make any spoiler, just let me say I'm sooo looking forward to future updates. 

A very promising game, and I love that it's a 17+. 

It has charming BGs, cute CGs and inspiring soundtracks. 

The story is pretty intriguing from the very beginning, and I have really enjoyed how the characters were portrayed (both main cast and npcs). 

The thing I liked the most was having so much dialogue choices because it really helps with immersion in my opinion. 

In the end the only detail I might have not being overly enthusiast about was having to choose how my mc looks like choosing from two identical pics, the only difference being one with fair and one with dark skin tone. 

I think it would have been better to just have the ability to pick from basic textual options like eye color, hair color and length, skin color, maybe height (short, medium, tall) without having pics of the mc at all but that is just my personal preference (only because I really like a full immersion experience). 

That said I am really looking forward to any future updates, so keep up the good work and congratulation in making so far a very enjoyable demo! 

Thank you for answering so quickly!

When I tried to import my old save I clicked on "import" and then from the first season' supernatural folder  I selected "roes1.twinedata" and "continue", after that it shows a long list of errors.

If it was my mistake I apologize, and again thank you for your patience! 

Hi :)

I really liked the first season od Superstition, and I'm looking forward to play the second but the game it's not working for me. 

I'm playing on a MacBook Pro, and I tried to import my save from the first game but it got me a long list of errors. I tried to customize a new character from the beginning, but again, when I picked the choice to show adult contents the game crashed due to some error. 

Anyway, congratulation for the new release: can't wait to play it! 

Well, I can’t hide the fact that being a mac user I’m a bit disappointed, but I understand it can’t be easy on you considering all the effort and dedication you must have to make such a great game.  It’s ok, fault was mine because I should have checked before actually buying it, but I don’t really regret it. I’ve installed it on an old pc and it is working so all’s well than ends well :)

Hello there :)

I've played the first Planet Stronghold, and I've been so looking forward to play Planet Stronghold 2 so when I saw the beta was ready to download I bought it immediately.. without realizing that there are only windows and linux versions now and I own a macbook pro. 

So I'm wondering do you actually plan to add a mac version of the game? 

I've just tried the demo and I must say I was extremely captivated by this game. 

The art style is gorgeous, and considering how much I love being able to customize the main character as much as I can, being able to at least partially rename her was a big positive point for me. 

The cast is intriguing, even though I have to say my favorite character so far is Sebastian and I really hope you'll be able to implement his own route! 

The narrative was simply excellent, and considering the peculiar setting and the necromancy theme all I can add is that the story is captivating from the very beginning. 

All considered I'm looking forward for the next updates, keep up the good work and congratulations! 

Just downloaded on my macbook pro but I couldn't play since I got this error right away:

Oops! An unexpected error has occurred.

Uncaught Error: EROFS: read-only file system, open './/settings.vndata'

File: fs.js@663:18

Stack trace:

Error: EROFS: read-only file system, open './/settings.vndata'

    at Object.fs.openSync (fs.js:663:18)

    at Object.fs.writeFileSync (fs.js:1314:33)

Just finished playing the prologue and I have to say mostly positive things about this new game: as always lovely art, intriguing characters and story. The storytelling is enchanting, as well for the music tracks you've used. 

All in all I'm looking forward to new updates. 

The only not so positive feature I found, at least in my opinion, is the new save/load mechanic through the moon icon: I don't think it is just as immediate and intuitive as it should be, and I was a little troubled by the inability to save always when I wanted to but only when the game would allow it. I like being free to save before choices, so to able to turn back immediately and change my response to see different outcomes straightaway.  Also I'd like to ask it you will considerate to add the possibilità to rewind and skip. 

That said, I'm extremely glad to the possibility to pick different origins for the main character, and I can't way to play the next part! 

I don’t really think it’s a Mac OS issue considering I have a lot of games made with Ren’py and they all work just fine. I’m sorry but the link isn’t helpful at all: the guys on lemmasoft forums just say to try and  right-clicking and choosing "Open" rather than just double clicking.. 

Just bought the game (and downloaded its patches as well) but sadly it won't start on my macbook pro.. will this issue be fixed at some point? I am currently playing the game using Steam, but I have to admit I would not want this makeshift solution to become a definitive one.

Chapter 1 is awesome!!! Can't wait for the next update, you're really doing great job, I enjoyed all routes but I was literally squealing when playing Cipactli's route :D My only "complaint" is about the shortness of the chapter but really, that's just me being greedy so don't worry ;)

I finally got the chance to play the game on my macbook pro: thank you for fixing the screen sizing issue! I really liked the second part, it gave a little more insight into some people in the cast! This game is lovely, and all of the character are so intriguing (even when I can't seem to stand them *cough* Dior *cough*). The art is beautiful, and I particularly enjoy the soundtrack. All in all I can't wait for the next update! 

Thank you for giving me an answer so quickly,I'll patiently wait your fix then! :) (Your game is amazing, congratulations!! <3 )

Beautiful game, I played the first part on my iPhone without accidents  but when I launch the game downloaded from, the window is too much big to fit on my macbook' screen. I see the first screen with the sunset but I can't see and reach the bottom of it. Not being able to press "Ascend" button unable me to access the menu with the prologue, setting, gallery and about. Can't reduce the window in any way, I don't really know what to do.