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I've just tried the demo and I must say I was extremely captivated by this game. 

The art style is gorgeous, and considering how much I love being able to customize the main character as much as I can, being able to at least partially rename her was a big positive point for me. 

The cast is intriguing, even though I have to say my favorite character so far is Sebastian and I really hope you'll be able to implement his own route! 

The narrative was simply excellent, and considering the peculiar setting and the necromancy theme all I can add is that the story is captivating from the very beginning. 

All considered I'm looking forward for the next updates, keep up the good work and congratulations! 

Hi! Thank you for trying the demo! I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed it. 

I'll be making a public announcement tomorrow, but I can probably let the news slip slightly in advance here. ;) Sebastien's route will be added after all, so you can look forward to romancing him in the full game in the future!

Thank you so much for the support! I'll keep working hard on the game :)