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Radiant LUX - Also on Greenlight!

A topic by Starlight Game Studio created Mar 10, 2017 Views: 115
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Hello, guys!

So, here's the base concept for this abstract 2D side-scroller shooter: It's all about COLORS. You kill enemies of a color to level up that color and get more powerful attacks of that color. And you deal more damage if you match the enemy's color to your attack. As you level up, you'll eventually reach a boss. Bosses are made of multicolored parts and the same rules apply, therefore you'll want to level up your colors so your pew pews become POW POWs and you can send the bosses to oblivion.

Looks cool? Check it out, there's a demo available here:

And if you like it, please vote YES on Greenlight :)

And don't forget to visit Radiant LUX IndieDB page!

Thanks a bunch, you're all awesome! <3