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A topic by temdisponivel created Mar 06, 2017 Views: 224 Replies: 2
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Hello, fine Itch community. I'm here to tell you that i've just uploaded a new game: HASH17.

HASH17 is text-based hacking puzzle game. Here is the current description of the game:

You were selected. VP has choosen you. Do you want to be part of the most notorious and dangerous group of hackers that there is? Can you handle the responsibility and moral choises that come with that?
Do you want to change the world? VP can give you that opportunity, but it comes with a price.

The game is under development and this build has the first mission of the game. If you play, please leave some comment or send me an email with feedback and criticism about what the game. Even if you hate it. I want to make the best game i can and your honest feedback is essencial to that.

If you're interested, i've just setup a development log at

Hope you enjoy!
Matheus - temdisponivel

Here's some screen shots of it:


Hey, it looks like you included a link to your edit page instead of a link to the game. Please update the link in your post. Thanks

Thanks for pointing it out. I'm such a dumbass. It's fixed now.