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Dope TrashCanners - Each death give you more power.

A topic by PunxelTeam created Mar 05, 2017 Views: 323 Replies: 3
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Dope TrashCanners is an online multiplayer shooter. Your goal is to have the best score of the game by killing your opponents or destroying crates.

However, each time you die, you gain a new skill.

We are the Punxel Team: Uubu (graphic designer), Detox (composer) and Louck (developer). And this is our third project.

The idea behind this concept is that the weaker players can take revenge on their enemies by becoming stronger (technically), while offering new challenges and constraints to the strongest players.

Our goal is that our game balances over time, while making it fun for both sides.
Of course, the stronger will also be rewarded for their efforts ... in graphic effects, in a better soundtrack, and in a better score ;).

  • Online multiplayer game, up to 4 players (with or without bots).
  • Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch, on 6 various maps.
  • 30 different skills, you can get by dying.
  • 6 primary weapons, 4 secondary weapons and 8 powerups, to be even stronger.
  • Crates and Bushes, to protect you, to hide, or to become vicious.
  • 13 editable game parameters, to configure its game as we want.
  • Totally free!

We would be very grateful if you could leave a comment regarding our project. Your opinion is very important, for the project and for the next one :).

Have fun!

We were a bit unlucky: our Master Server has fallen, due to a strong influence of players.

On this surprise (thank you!) we decided to upgrade our server, so that more players can play. Currently, the server is working again.

Thank you for the waiting! :)

We have just released a new version of the game, to correct connection problems and to optimize the game search.

Now, we are working on a linux version :).

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We have just released the Linux version of our game :).

This version takes into account the latest patches, and is available on the page.

Enjoy :).