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Fulfillment through Itch

A topic by caradoc created Jan 16, 2020 Views: 406 Replies: 1
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I'm participating in the ZineQuest at the start of Feb. I know on DriveThru I can issue PDF copies of my game as 'Complimentary copies', and fulfill the PDF version of the game that way. I was wondering whether a similar function existed for

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Yes. Lots of different ways. You can use the Distribute tab to generate Download keys and mail them out manually. Or use the Patreon system to grant access automatically through Patreon.

Or, probably the closest to what you want: use the Kickstarter import tool (pictured below) to do all the emailing and stuff for you. No actual Kickstarter required.

Do note that you have to email support to get the emails to actually go out (presumably for anti-spam measures).

You just need a little CSV file in this format. Each email address can have a different contribution level too, if you desire. That is,,$10.00 would get the download files as if they had spent $10, whereas,$20.00 would get the fancy $20 rewards. Neither of them actually get charged anything.

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