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How to INSTALL/UPDATE My Little Blacksmith Shop! (Installation Tutorial/Guide) Sticky

A topic by The Hard Croc created Mar 01, 2017 Views: 25,964 Replies: 47
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Do I have to redownload the game every time an update is released?

yes. There's an itch io app though I believe it manages updates much like any other platform's app

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I've got an odd issue, I double click the ShopSim exe, and get a loading mouse cursor for a few seconds, but that's it. the game doesn't start. I've gone as far as to install the unreal engine redistrobutable, along with any other required files mentioned in this thread, but that's the result I get

EDIT: Works fine with the app, still not with the none app download

no intentaste abrir como administrador?? (traduce this message pls)

ok so i have the game and its runing smoothy BUT, it says its alpha 0.0.9e but its not actually updated

0.0.9e is the most recent public build. If you're a patron, you have earlier access and dev-build version available, its labeled very differently


Si tienen un problema de descargas llamado: prohibido , es porque deben uniciar secion en esta pagina

What is the newest version of mlbs.

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