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Squirt Animated GIFs straight from After Effects! · By GunSquid

Please Report Bugs Here! Sticky

A topic by GunSquid created Mar 01, 2017 Views: 1,363 Replies: 90
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GIFsquid is great, but it isn't perfect. Please post here about any problems you encounter.

So the first time everything went fine and it rendered my gif no problem but after that i only get avi file and no gif, and i cant load the output module it give me error when i try to do that. 


Sorry to hear about that, Parzzi. I'd like to help but I need more information. What is the exact error you receive and what are the steps to reproduce the issue?

Its all good now i was using cs6 tried it on cc and it worked no problem.

OK so i don't know what is happening right now it stoped working again every time i press squirt gif it just render the comp to avi video and then the dos window appears for split second and close. I dont know what im doing wrong because the other day it was working fine now i only get avi file.

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I've seen this happen when your harddrive is near full. It can also happen if your project is in the root of a drive and not in a folder. Another thing to check is that you have the AE option "Allow scripts to write files and access the network" set.

I'm having a similar issue to Parzzi. Whenever I 'SquirtGif' i get the error popup that "It may appear the AE has crashed, but rendering will continue. After rendering, we compress your gif in a dos window' I select yes and the render completes but the DOS window doesn't open and I'm left with an avi file. 

Im exporting to an external drive that has plenty of space and I am saving into a subfolder, and the "allow scripts to write files..." is selected, so I'm not too sure as to what is happening. 


Just to confirm, you are using Windows, correct?

Yep I'm on windows


Very strange. It almost sounds like you are missing files from the archive. Do you have a GIFsquid folder inside your Script UI folder?

I do, and running AE as administrator ended up with the same result.


Ok. Please try this for me. Open a new File Explorer window and go to c:\ProgramData (if the folder is hidden, just type it into the address bar)

Inside you should see two files: GIFsquid.log and squidyavi.bat. Open both of those in notepad and paste the contents here or to pastebin.

Ah, so I'm not seeing those files there. Only a blank "GifSquid" text document. 


It really sounds like you're missing some files and/or AE isn't set to allow scripts to write files/access network.   Please try re-extracting the JSXBIN file and the GIFsquid folder into your AE/ScriptUI folder and double-check the preference to allow scripts to write files.  In your case, the script is choking at the point it should be able to write to C:\programdata


Did you ever get this working?

Hello, I'm having the same problem. I did everything you suggested,  but I keep getting the "AE has crashed" notification and it just renders the comp as an .avi file and then nothing else happens.


Hi Mikel, Just to double-check, you are on Windows and you've done all of the installation steps, including setting AE to "allow scripts to write files and access the network"?

I hope i can help you with this as i found the problem with mine was that you have to run after effect as an administrator or it will not work at least for me that is the case.

Try to run after effect as an administrator.

Should I worry about this showing up in the dos window?
"Could Not Find C:\Users\Repai\AppData\Local\Temp\magick*" 


Nope! It will currently show that if there is nothing to pre-clean. Pre-cleaning is only necessary if you close out of the DOS window or otherwise cancel the squirting process early.

Another thing, seems like my gifs are playing too fast, I don't know if there should be a frame delay set in after effects or something like that.


You can select a framerate in the options. Please note that not all framerates are valid and will get rounded to whatever the GIF format actually supports. Also note that if you enable Turbo mode, it pulls the framerate from your comp.

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I was pretty excited to try GunSquid but something doesn't work :[

When I hit the Squirt Gif button, an alert pops up. It says that AE may crash and I shouldn't be afraid because a DOS window should pop up and finish the job (something like that).
Sadly, it doesn't happen. It just adds the project in the render queue, as an .avi and nothing else happens.

I've checked what you said in the other bug reports.
1) The project isn't in the root, it's in subfolders
2) I've checked the "allow to write script from network" thing
3) I've tried to run AE as an administrator
4) I've been searching for something into the c:/ProgrammData, sadly there was no trace of anything GunSquid related. I guess, that's where my proglem is, right?

To be honest, I'm a bit lost and don't know what I should try next... so here I am, telling you everything I could try / figuring out :D


Hey there, sorry you're having issues. What version of After Effects and Windows are you running?

That's fine, no need to apologize. I'm like 90% sure there's something wrong with my computer :D

But if it can help, I'm using After Effects CC, on Windows 10 family edition / Version 1709 / OS: 16299.64


Please doublecheck that you have installed all of the files, in your Script UI Panels folder you should have the gifsquid.jsxbin as well as a Gifsquid folder. Also check in c:\programdata for a file called "squidyavi.bat". If that isn't present after trying to Squirt, it means that GIFsquid wasn't able to write files.  If AE is simply not rendering your project after queing an AVI, try rendering it manually or clearing the render queue before squirting.

This isn't really a bug, but I was just wondering if it's at all possible to squirt a transparent gif? I just want text - and not the background color of the comp. I can't find any info on this.


It is possible. The old version of GIFsquid (still available here) uses PNG internally instead of AVI, and will produce transparent GIFs. It can be a little trickier to set up, so I scrapped that in favor of simplicity but I still have the old version available.

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The first time I used GIFsquid it added the project to the render queue, but then did nothing.  I had to manually "Squirt GIF" again, and then it finally ran (DOS popup).  However, the .gif it created was exceptionally choppy/stuttered when viewed.  I figured this had to do with a  framerate issue, so I adjusted the composition and settings and ran GIFsquid again, but the only thing it's doing is creating new AVI files in the output directory.  The DOS function never runs and a .gif file is never generated.

Any thoughts/input would be greatly appreciated.  I'm using AfterEffects cc2018 on Windows 10 Home Build 16299.


**Edit - I previously had a paragraph expressing concerns at how GIFsquid might have altered the way Adobe Media Encoder generates animated .gif files, but have since resolve that issue and removed that portion of my question above.


This is usually an issue with special characters in the project path. Can you go to c:\programdata (it may be hidden) and find the "squidyavi.bat" file and paste the contents of it here (edit it in notepad, then copy and paste)

Thanks for your reply.  Here are the contents of the .bat file you requested.  I'm assuming it is the "_" in the name that messed it up, as the original file was named "Comp 1", but the renaming algorithm added the "_4" (this was my fourth attempt, versions _2 and _3 also were previously generated by AfterEffects...)

cd\ cd "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC 2018\Support Files\Scripts\ScriptUI Panels\GIFsquid\"
GIFsquidavi.bat 24 1500 "D:\Windows\Documents\WebWorks\Brittleknee\Gif Creation\1\Comp 1_4.avi" "D:\Windows\Documents\WebWorks\Brittleknee\Gif Creation\1\GIFsquid_Output" 0.5 480x "" "Comp 1_4.avi" false


Actually, underscores are allowed characters, so it shouldn't be that. Does the issue persist after restarting after effects? Another thing to try is clearing the render queue and deleting any leftover AVI files from failed GIF creation and then trying again. I've sometimes seen AE fail to render anything after pressing g Squirt. Usually manually rendering and then trying again fixes this.

Hi, I've tried everything stated here regarding the issues with having 'It may appear the AE has crashed, but rendering will continue. After rendering, we compress your gif in a dos window' error, restarted my pc, reset my settings on AE, reinstalled GIFsquid, ran as admin, did "allow to write script from network", nothing. in programdata I'm only getting 'squidyavi.bat' and not the log file. Honestly don't know what to do at this point!


Lets check the contents of squidyavi.bat to make sure there aren't any special characters in the path.

Odd, its empty. 


very odd. That suggests that AE wasn't able to write in it. Can you delete that bat file and try again? I'm curious if it can create the file but not write in it.

Yep, same thing, could it be something to do with not having admin permissions to write it? 


Sounds likely, however the ProgramData folder doesn't normally need admin access to write to it. 

Having a weird issue where large gifs aren't generating unless I set it to Turbo mode. If I don't use Turbo mode, it acts as if it was successful, opens the folder, but there's no file. Any ideas?


hey there. I've seen this issue happen when the path of your project or the name of your comp has special characters in it. I've also seen antivirus software remove some of the .exe files that gifsquid needs from the gifquid/bin folder.

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Thanks for the fast reply! My comp name (abc) and filename (MetaNonMeta.aep) only have letters though, same with the path (excluding backslash, space, and colon chars) . Here's a screenshot of my gifsquid\bin folder (though the only antivirus I have is Windows Defender):

Here's the GIFsquid.log:

convert.exe: UnableToCreateTemporaryFile `E:\Stephen\Documents\AfterEffects Projects\WHATAMIGONNADO\abc.avi': No such file or directory @ error/delegate.c/InvokeDelegate/1876.
convert.exe: UnableToOpenBlob `C:/Users/Stephen/AppData/Local/Temp/magick-93516xuC9P0tpcKhx.pam': No such file or directory @ error/blob.c/OpenBlob/2705.
convert.exe: NoImagesDefined `E:\Stephen\Documents\AfterEffects Projects\WHATAMIGONNADO\GIFsquid_Output/abc.avi-2018-04-11_21-10-40.gif' @ error/convert.c/ConvertImageCommand/3257.

It's strange that this only happens in non-Turbo mode; does Turbo mode handle paths differently maybe?


very weird...  do me a favor and try a regular (non-turbo) render, then open up "c:\programdata\squidyavi.bat" in notepad and paste the contents here. GIFsquid creates and runs this batchfile right after it renders the AVI. I want to see what it is trying to do.  Note that c:\programdata is a hidden folder so may not be visible in explorer windows.

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Here's what I found (used another project/comp, but same issue): 

Successful (turbo):
cd\ cd "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC 2017\Support Files\Scripts\ScriptUI Panels\GIFsquid\"
GIFsquidavi.bat 30 12000 "E:\Stephen\Documents\AfterEffectsProjects\WHATAMIGONNADO\Troi.avi" "E:\Stephen\Documents\AfterEffectsProjects\WHATAMIGONNADO\GIFsquid_Output" 0.5 800:-1 "" "Troi.avi" true

Unsuccessful (non-turbo):
cd\ cd "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC 2017\Support Files\Scripts\ScriptUI Panels\GIFsquid\"
GIFsquidavi.bat 30 12000 "E:\Stephen\Documents\AfterEffectsProjects\WHATAMIGONNADO\Troi.avi" "E:\Stephen\Documents\AfterEffectsProjects\WHATAMIGONNADO\GIFsquid_Output" 0.5 800x "" "Troi.avi" false

Looking at the log file, now it's throwing new errors:

convert.exe: DelegateFailed `"ffmpeg.exe" -nostdin -v -1 -i "%i" -vframes %S -vcodec pam -an -f rawvideo -y "%u.pam"' @ error/delegate.c/InvokeDelegate/1919.
convert.exe: UnableToReadImageData `C:/Users/Stephen/AppData/Local/Temp/magick-31324qcORP4FuAA8U.pam' @ error/pnm.c/ReadPNMImage/1280.
convert.exe: NoImagesDefined `E:\Stephen\Documents\AfterEffectsProjects\WHATAMIGONNADO\GIFsquid_Output/Troi.avi-2018-04-12_21-04-51.gif' @ error/convert.c/ConvertImageCommand/3257.


Do you have FFMPEG installed on your computer? GIFsquid might be trying to use the one on your system instead of the one included with it. You could try upgrading FFMPEG. Do me a favor and send me your email address in a PM, I want to send you some stuff.

I think upgrading FFMPEG in GIFsquid\bin has resolved the issue; I'm generating large gifs with Turbo set to false with no issues. Thanks a lot for the troubleshooting help!

This one's a fun error, couldn't figure it out myself. Has anyone else had it? I get the same when trying to install Cuddlephish, too.


Hey there, are you using a weird skin for windows or is that a Mac?

I'm on Mac OS X Sierra 10.12.6, After Effects CC.


Sorry chum,

System Requirements:

Windows 7 64bit or later.

Adobe After Effects CC.

Contact me at with the email you used to pay and I'll arrange for a refund.

Ack! My fault entirely. Thanks for the help, no worries about a refund, I'll hold onto the license for a future Windows machine!


Sounds good, amigo. Cheers!

Hello, I am using Windows and have " Allow scripts to write files....." checked in AE. When i squirt the GIF, CMD pops up and does its thing and then takes me to  an empty output file in the path where my project was saved. I have show hidden files on in file explorer ( if that makes a difference ) but i cant seem to find where it sent my gif. There are no special characters in the title of my project as well.


So, usually it ends up making a folder called "GIFsquid_Output" in the same folder that your last render went to. If you can't find it, try adding your comp to your render queue manually and check the output folder (no need to actually render, just check the path) and then check for the Output folder there. Another option is to search the drive for "*.gif" and sort by date modified.  Usually the folder is opened for you after the gif is done rendering, but sometimes it fails to open the right folder. I've seen this happen when the project is saved in the root of a folder (like T:\project.aep)

Hi! I'm having an issue with rendering 60fps gifs. It outputs the initial AVI file fine, but when it's converted into a GIF, the resulting GIF looks like it's going 2x slower than it should. I tried hardcoding the FPS values in the bat files, but that didn't seem to make a difference. My comp is set to 60fps, and GIFSquid in AE is set to 60fps. Any help would be appreciated!


There is no such thing as a 60fps gif file, unfortunately. Most 60fps "gifs" are actually mp4 files.  GIF files don't use a framerate internally, they use a frame delay, which is how long to display each frame before moving on to the next. This delay can only be specified in 10ms increments, and 60FPS = ~16ms delay. If you are trying to make a smooth GIF file, I recommend no higher than 50fps.

That's unfortunate. Guess I'll stick to 50fps GIFs. Thanks for the clarification!

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The last time I used GifSquid it worked flawlessly. But after I reset my computer, it stopped working.  It does render the avi file and it very briefly opens the dos window. But it closes in like half a second. Don't know what to do. Tried changing the settings and of course rebooting.

Help me GunSquid, you're my only hope.


Did I end up helping you on reddit? let me know if you still need help.

I just bought both gifsquid and cuddlephish and both show the dos window and behave like if they are going to output something, but my files stay empty, no gif .....can't output anything.... Please help me out !


I just downloaded Gifsquid. But when I try to run it I don't have any do window opening or anything.

I extracted everything into the ScriptUi folder, and AE is allowed to write scripts. I'm on CC2017.

I checked in the ProgramData folder but I don't see any files unfortunately. Any ideas?


Hey somberoww, I'm sorry you're having trouble! it seems like you're doing everything right here so I'm not sure what could be wrong. double check that virus scanners aren't interfering with the .exe files in the gifsquid/bin flles. somtimes updates can detect these files as harmful since i'm not a big time developer.

I keep getting an error saying 'Unable to execute script at line 104. Invalid image data' when trying to use the script!


uh oh. What version of Windows are you running?

Windows 10 Home Version 1803, Build 17134.706


double check you've installed all the files. This error implies that the icon is missing.

I have the same errors as the previous thread. I reverted to 2015 and it worked for both squid and cuddle gif makers. 
I am guessing the api has been updated in the 2019 versions and if there is a fix please update instructions for installation included in the rar package.


Thanks for the feedback. I'll do some research to see what Adobe has changed.


I did some testing on version 16.1.1 and it still works. There haven't been any major changes to the API. Can you try installing again, unzipping all the files and folders and checking the AE option to allow scripts to write files.

(1 edit)

Yes, it works now for both makers. Thanks for being fast about this. 

For reference, "Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network" has been moved to preference->scripting and expressions tab

BUG for GIFsquid and Project Cuddlephish: Squirting more than 1 gif at a time leads to unexpected results

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start squirting a long gif (so that you have time to switch projects and start another gif)
  2. Switch to another project and start squirting another gif.
  3. Examine the outputted gifs. Note that they may be cut short or contain frames of each other.
  4. If you didn't get that behavior, for the second gif, try one that's small enough to finish rendering before the first gif finishes rendering.

Actual behavior: when squirting more than 1 gif at a time, the outputted gifs may have dropped frames and/or contain frames of other gifs that were rendered simultaneously.

Expected behavior: squirting multiple gifs at once works well.

My GIFsquid.log file is empty...

I realize this is probably a "feature", but I figured you should know about it. Thanks for the hard work on this.


Thanks for the report! Squirting more than one gif at a time is not yet supported. I'll add it to the possible feature feature list.

I'm getting this error when trying to squirt a gif using Project Cuddlephish or GifSquid.

Caused by: Wrong syntax for filename, catalog name or volume label.

Here are the contents of GIFsquid.log and squidyavi.bat

Windows 10, Adobe CC 15.0.0

CPU: i7700K

GPU: GTX 1070


it looks like you are missing wmic from your system path. Verify that you still have your windows directory and system32 in your PATH environment variable.

I was indeed missing the PATH environment variables. I added them and it works like charm now. Thank you very much, love the plugin.