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Please Report Bugs Here! Sticky

A topic by GunSquid created Mar 01, 2017 Views: 376 Replies: 26
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GIFsquid is great, but it isn't perfect. Please post here about any problems you encounter.

So the first time everything went fine and it rendered my gif no problem but after that i only get avi file and no gif, and i cant load the output module it give me error when i try to do that. 


Sorry to hear about that, Parzzi. I'd like to help but I need more information. What is the exact error you receive and what are the steps to reproduce the issue?

Its all good now i was using cs6 tried it on cc and it worked no problem.

OK so i don't know what is happening right now it stoped working again every time i press squirt gif it just render the comp to avi video and then the dos window appears for split second and close. I dont know what im doing wrong because the other day it was working fine now i only get avi file.

Developer (Edited 1 time)

I've seen this happen when your harddrive is near full. It can also happen if your project is in the root of a drive and not in a folder. Another thing to check is that you have the AE option "Allow scripts to write files and access the network" set.

I'm having a similar issue to Parzzi. Whenever I 'SquirtGif' i get the error popup that "It may appear the AE has crashed, but rendering will continue. After rendering, we compress your gif in a dos window' I select yes and the render completes but the DOS window doesn't open and I'm left with an avi file. 

Im exporting to an external drive that has plenty of space and I am saving into a subfolder, and the "allow scripts to write files..." is selected, so I'm not too sure as to what is happening. 


Just to confirm, you are using Windows, correct?

Yep I'm on windows


Very strange. It almost sounds like you are missing files from the archive. Do you have a GIFsquid folder inside your Script UI folder?

I do, and running AE as administrator ended up with the same result.


Ok. Please try this for me. Open a new File Explorer window and go to c:\ProgramData (if the folder is hidden, just type it into the address bar)

Inside you should see two files: GIFsquid.log and squidyavi.bat. Open both of those in notepad and paste the contents here or to pastebin.

Ah, so I'm not seeing those files there. Only a blank "GifSquid" text document. 


It really sounds like you're missing some files and/or AE isn't set to allow scripts to write files/access network.   Please try re-extracting the JSXBIN file and the GIFsquid folder into your AE/ScriptUI folder and double-check the preference to allow scripts to write files.  In your case, the script is choking at the point it should be able to write to C:\programdata


Did you ever get this working?

I hope i can help you with this as i found the problem with mine was that you have to run after effect as an administrator or it will not work at least for me that is the case.

Try to run after effect as an administrator.

Should I worry about this showing up in the dos window?
"Could Not Find C:\Users\Repai\AppData\Local\Temp\magick*" 


Nope! It will currently show that if there is nothing to pre-clean. Pre-cleaning is only necessary if you close out of the DOS window or otherwise cancel the squirting process early.

Another thing, seems like my gifs are playing too fast, I don't know if there should be a frame delay set in after effects or something like that.


You can select a framerate in the options. Please note that not all framerates are valid and will get rounded to whatever the GIF format actually supports. Also note that if you enable Turbo mode, it pulls the framerate from your comp.

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I was pretty excited to try GunSquid but something doesn't work :[

When I hit the Squirt Gif button, an alert pops up. It says that AE may crash and I shouldn't be afraid because a DOS window should pop up and finish the job (something like that).
Sadly, it doesn't happen. It just adds the project in the render queue, as an .avi and nothing else happens.

I've checked what you said in the other bug reports.
1) The project isn't in the root, it's in subfolders
2) I've checked the "allow to write script from network" thing
3) I've tried to run AE as an administrator
4) I've been searching for something into the c:/ProgrammData, sadly there was no trace of anything GunSquid related. I guess, that's where my proglem is, right?

To be honest, I'm a bit lost and don't know what I should try next... so here I am, telling you everything I could try / figuring out :D


Hey there, sorry you're having issues. What version of After Effects and Windows are you running?

That's fine, no need to apologize. I'm like 90% sure there's something wrong with my computer :D

But if it can help, I'm using After Effects CC, on Windows 10 family edition / Version 1709 / OS: 16299.64


Please doublecheck that you have installed all of the files, in your Script UI Panels folder you should have the gifsquid.jsxbin as well as a Gifsquid folder. Also check in c:\programdata for a file called "squidyavi.bat". If that isn't present after trying to Squirt, it means that GIFsquid wasn't able to write files.  If AE is simply not rendering your project after queing an AVI, try rendering it manually or clearing the render queue before squirting.

This isn't really a bug, but I was just wondering if it's at all possible to squirt a transparent gif? I just want text - and not the background color of the comp. I can't find any info on this.


It is possible. The old version of GIFsquid (still available here) uses PNG internally instead of AVI, and will produce transparent GIFs. It can be a little trickier to set up, so I scrapped that in favor of simplicity but I still have the old version available.