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A topic by Erenyx created Feb 28, 2017 Views: 134
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I was told to make a Collapse-like game.

But I don't want to make a static point and click strategy game at that time, so I wondering what can I made with the basic mechanics.

Soon I think of whether I can use the collapse-like tile as a playground because it looks like a very interesting dynamics playground.

Therefore I made the FullCollapsy, the idea is you need to collect connected dots with the same color to gain ammo with the corresponding color.

The enemies are like zombies and they will try to surround you, you need to mark them with your color gun and they will be burned to hail when they touch a corresponding color.

I pretty like the feeling of sliding through enemies and shoot them. The game has a free directional movement which is harder than I thought to implement. and the little sprint makes the game so cool. I enjoy every moment that I slide through a guy, hope you like this game too.

WSAD to move around, Space to sprint, J to shoot and K to collect dots as ammo!!~~