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Disturbing the Verse

A topic by gremlin_ent created Feb 28, 2017 Views: 256 Replies: 2
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Disturbing the Verse is a 1-4 player zero-gravity fighting game currently in development by Gremlin_Ent.

You can try the latest version of the prototype now! We only ask you donate at least $4.99 and you'll get access to the final game when it releases:

What's In This Prototype

  • Supports 1-2 players (player vs player, player vs punching bag, player vs CPU)
  • Gamepad/joystick support (WIP)
  • One complete character (Cardinal for now, more characters soon)
    • Abilities include: move, dash, shield, linear attack, wide attack, exotic attack, super massive attack. Note: attacks can be modified by tilting the analog stick I.E. neutral+A = jab, tilt+A = sidekick.
  • Sick 3D background (WIP)
  • life bar, shield gauge, and super gauge

Planned Features

  • 1-4 players simultaneously, play on teams or free-for-all
  • Regenerating life system as opposed to traditional rounds (think Injustice or Killer Instinct)
  • Combo damage scaling
  • An infinite prevention system
  • New mechanic: Perfect Shield parries attacks up close and reflects projectiles
  • New mechanic: Quantum Shift freezes time and allows you to extend combos.
  • Better controller support via Rewired:
  • Optional items and stage hazards to spice up the combat
  • Lots of modes: local versus, training, singleplayer mission, online matchmaking w/ lobbies

One character so far:

Up Next: