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Norman's land

A topic by who_pizza created Feb 27, 2017 Views: 196
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Norman's Land is a survival game where you play as Norman who has been capsized and marooned on a deserted island.

You lose life as time passes and must regain it through means available on the small island.

Watch the animated gif to see how to create a feast of meat and coconut.

Read the controls and make sure to utilize all Norman's abilities.


Why can't I get in the cave?

You can if you really want to just try a combination of jumping flipping crouching and rolling. You may regret it.

Why can't I light the sticks on fire

Pick up a stick then while using w to walk you should come to a halt when you walk into a rock at that point drop the stick and it should fall into the right place. Stack two sticks in that way and make sure one is leaning. Crouch and press u to strike the rock with the knife. Make sure you hit the rock only and it should create sparks. You may need to strike a few times but the sticks light when they're stacked properly and hit with sparks