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not about makeup but still fun

thank you very much I will keep working on this one

not really sure why I died but was gruesome and the sound effects are great

thank you so much for the donation

this is a runnable jar file you have to have java installed on your computer to run it.

you have to turn the sound off to get it to run there was a bug

sound is still not functioning quite yet on this one


Norman's Land is a survival game where you play as Norman who has been capsized and marooned on a deserted island.

You lose life as time passes and must regain it through means available on the small island.

Watch the animated gif to see how to create a feast of meat and coconut.

Read the controls and make sure to utilize all Norman's abilities.


Why can't I get in the cave?

You can if you really want to just try a combination of jumping flipping crouching and rolling. You may regret it.

Why can't I light the sticks on fire

Pick up a stick then while using w to walk you should come to a halt when you walk into a rock at that point drop the stick and it should fall into the right place. Stack two sticks in that way and make sure one is leaning. Crouch and press u to strike the rock with the knife. Make sure you hit the rock only and it should create sparks. You may need to strike a few times but the sticks light when they're stacked properly and hit with sparks

Ninja is about a lost love where you play as the princess in a battle against the killer of her true love in this horror story. Your happiness was ruined and now you have to battle zombies and bats for eternity never able to reclaim what was lost and forever haunted by the slayer of your dreams and your lust for gold and gem stones.