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Camera/Movement Bug

A topic by cocobacca created Feb 27, 2017 Views: 299 Replies: 3
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So I just downloaded the game and i really liuke the concept you have going on here. The only thing is, when I enter the game, i start moving to the foreward-left direction. i haven't found a way to fix this and there isn't any error messages or anything that pop up. Any patches to fix this?


You are the first person to report a problem like this so no patches at the moment!

My gut feeling would be that something (HOTAS, steering wheel, trackpad) plugged into your PC is being picked up as a controller axis. When you launch the game check the controller configuration in the launcher and remove all references to any axis - (or at least assign it to something you don't use) these are for controller controls if you are using keyboard and mouse you don't need them. Let me know if this helps.

(actually now I think about it I think one other person had the same issue and it turned out to be a random periphral)

I have a 360 controller plugged in, however when I launch the game when its unplugged I have less control. It takes control of the camera as well as the lateral movement. Honeslty not really sure what's going on with it. Could be my keyboard but idk I have a black widow chroma.


If it seems better with a 360 controller plugged in it might support the idea that a random device is being detected as an axis. Have you tried customising the controls? I would remove everything and build them from scratch.