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Missing blocks from 1.3 in 2.0 Locked

A topic by adyro3 created 17 days ago Views: 34 Replies: 1
This topic was locked by Kenney 17 days ago
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First of all, thanks for the software,it's great. I just bought it, and downloaded version 2.0 preview 1a. While looking around in the forums I noticed  a "Hotel" block in one of the creations I did not notice in my version. After some digging I found out the block should be in the City collection, but it wasn't. 

After downloading the 1.3 version, I noticed a lot of blocks, including the "Hotel" prop, that weren't in the 2.0 version.

I am using the base version of the software.

Is this an issue with 2.0, or some blocks will be later added? I noticed multiple assets missing from one version to another, putting them side by side.

All the blocks and collections have been rearranged for version 2.0 but there's still some blocks missing that will be re-added at a later point, some blocks might disappear completely or get replaced by better versions,.

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