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Save as dxf

A topic by Quenten created 16 days ago Views: 115 Replies: 3
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Is there any chance of saving the maps as a dxf? I can convert the svg to dxf, but it would be handy.


That's unlikely. How do you want to use it? If you need data, than probably you may want to check GeoJSON export.

I use it to get the maps into my map program which can use it to turn the data into something usable by my program. I hadn't thought of trying JSON. BTW, and chance of adding number of gates onto the options menu, eg in the one that says Buildings, Towers, Water etc?

Thanks for your prompt answer Quenten


GeoJSON export is a work in progress, but at this moment I consider it an "official" data format. Implementing different formats is time-consuming and not too... fulfilling.

You can define the number of gates you need in the non-itch version of the generator with the URL parameter "gates" like this: