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Dragon's Lunch - The real time Roguelike!

A topic by jonathanmcc created Feb 24, 2017 Views: 434 Replies: 3
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Work your way through 12 randomly generated levels to get your golf ball back from the Dragon.
Just like a traditional roguelike but in real time:

  • 12 randomly generated crazy levels.
  • Over 25 unique monsters.
  • Permanent death with no pause!
  • Armour and weapons with hidden special powers.
  • Drink potions to find out what they are.
  • Read magic scrolls that might map the level or summon monsters or more.
  • Zap wands to discover their effects.
  • English, French and Goblin tongue supported - other languages can be configured.
  • The dungeons are littered with traps and dangers so be careful or you might end up as Dragon's Lunch!

Buy it Here:

Or download a demo of the first 3 levels from:

I have uploaded a free playable demo of the first 3 levels of Dragon's Lunch to

It's identical to the full game except it ends after 3 levels and its free.

Happy dungeoneering!

v1.1.0 of Dragon's Lunch has been uploaded to

Now supports fire!!

Added support for fire effects - Fireballs will now set fire to everything flammable.
Added fire pits.
Cold missiles will put out fires and torches.
Added puddles of water on the floor.
Fixed the display of the health bar and effect symbols when a monster has been 'giantised'.
Fixed bug in treasure rooms if the player dropped the selected treasure and then tried to pick it up again.

v.1.2.0 of Dragon's Lunch has been uploaded.

Now supports blood!!

Many thanks to everyone who supported the game so far!

**** The free demo has been extended to 4 levels to show off a new style on level 4. ***

Full list of changes:

Added new water based level.
Add player and weapon animations for 8 directions.
Added swing animations for each weapon.
Added hit boxes for each weapon. Spears are more effective from further away.
Reduced the weapon swing delay each time the player strength is increased.
Synchronised the weapon swing sound to the animation better.
Added see-through 'crystal' walls that reflect magic missiles.
Added better looking water tiles.
Added new monster - giant spider.
Improved the keep distance trait used by Goblin Wizards etc
Improved the lighting and 'seeing' graphics.
Added blood effects when striking monsters.
Reduced the time between hammer swings.

Bard no longer tries to mesmerize the dead player.
Fixed case sensitivity problems with the file names in lunix.
Added exception handling around file I/O.
Made sure summon wall trap can summon enough walls to fill the chasm gap.
Mushrooms healing has no longer heal the player if the player is dead.
Don't allow treasure pedestals to be in front of the doorway.
Can no longer see treasure messages thru walls if a monster steps on the trap.
Special weapons can no longer get multiple special properties.
Don't leave inventory full message up forever.
Special hammer now always shatters when the player swings it.
Changed the file names to conform to case sensitivity for linux version.
Fixed paralysis weapon animation.