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Empires and Tribes Demo

Medieval realtime strategy in first-person view. · By empiresandtribes

abandoned or what?

A topic by cptredclaw created 60 days ago Views: 107 Replies: 3
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just wondering if ur still developing this game reminds me games like the guild 1 2 &3 as well as mount and blade, would like to see more from it such as a save feature but it seems u updated not so regularly 


Yes, we continue to develop the game at full speed. But since every update and upload needs some preparation and testing, we update the version on only every 2-3 months to save time for  the core development. But we plan to release Empires and Tribes here, on Steam and on other platforms in the near future (approximately April 2020), then the save function will finally be included!

Sounds good.

Finally a save function after all those restarts.  :D

Really looking forward to it. Btw if i bought it here, do i get a steam key or do i need to buy it again?

Developer (1 edit)

We understand you perfectly. By now you probably know every inch of the Moselle Map ;) 

Concerning the Steam Keys we will definitely find a solution when the release is ready.  Let us at best further resolve this by e-mail.