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Sounds good.

Finally a save function after all those restarts.  :D

Really looking forward to it. Btw if i bought it here, do i get a steam key or do i need to buy it again?

Glad to see you are still working on it. Will play it on the weekend and see what has changed ;)

Keep it up.

A new update? Without a notification for me?! Ohh my i guess i know what i do on the weekend again ;-)

Since i was busy lately with studies and work here is my small review after an hour of gaming.

What can i say about Version 0.3?

+ Street placement is way better now with the option to disable the automatic connection feels smoother to place them.
+ I like what you did with the building panel way better to see every available building and it looks more sorted out.
+ Nice to see how much fits in our storages not to mention that even the storage tells you how much units can be added. The Option to buy more or sell more is also welcomed. Several Icons look better too.

+Finally i am able to see how the building i destroy collapses.

- Maybe add a pop up if you are sure to destroy a building tested a bit around or add something like the construction cost panel for deconstructing, so we what we get back( Or loose villager wise, could be more interesting later if you remove bigger houses).

- Can´t demolish the guild hall :( ( Not a bug i like that you thought about that!)

Not sure if i should tell you since it helped me to build up faster, if on of your villagers harvests the deer you are harvesting you keep that harvest speed for building and mining.  Atleast it was there in version 0.2. Will recreate it later again and see if it is still peristent.

 Is it not possible anymore to drop ressources in the storages? Maybe i need to play more often again but i haven´t seen the option in all menus again.

As always keep up the good wörk!

Looking forward to it!

I would be fine with a bear head banner similiar to the Rhodoks one in Warband :P but owning a tavern sounds good too ;-)

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You are ,as always, welcome.

It is a feature not a bug then fine by me ;)

Nothing against the Netherland function then. In fact a nice idea! Just some random idea which got in my head, why not have some "netherland"fishers near the water then? As a new food ressource ;o)

Sounds good. I can´t wait to spend more time into the game. Personally i would support the "early access" idea and i would gladly pay for the game again.( More or less invited you to 3 beers in a tavern here, Cheers!)

As always keep up the good work! And i am looking forward to the next version.

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Small update from playing today :

-I crashed more or less. The game stopped working when i build a tower on an existing wall. Waited some minutes but it didn´t recover from it. :( (Was on the 2v2 map, tried to cover the bridge with it build a square around it)

Was so damn close to build T2 had enough pottery, tables and all damn wanted to see what it has to offer.

-Also the message building place is already occupied always appeared on my screen as i build a warehouse pretty close to existing buildings (To be fair it didn´t snap on the road and was only 1 second green so ok to place still was able to do it). Removing the building tabs fixed the issue but it appeared again while i was building more.

-Also the clipping issue i reported disappears (The T3 Woodcutter for example) building is in place and rock solid, just some peasants sometimes walk through the ground.

Will try it out tomorrow again and hopefully get my feet in the T2 area.

Edit 12.05 :

-Finally reached T2 i only focused on eco this time.  Only thing i noitced was that the stone quarry has some water in it (is it supposed to be there?)

- I was able to terraform some land when i build a church near the water a bit of the river turned into land. (Divine powers!)

- The Craftsmen houses look a bit empty with just the cooking pot in it. I know it is a quality feature by this time but i would love to see the pottery and some furniture in there later down the line (Since they are requiered)

Some suggestions :

- regarding the research tree. Is it possible to make tabs for it? Like Economy, Social and Warfare? I just noticed after playing this game for hours that there are more researches. Ex the wheel upgrade is nice. Only found out that there are more tabs when i build the monostary.

- I would like to have the option that the game asks me to place the building in the building menu. Like a confirm button to place it. Build a farm on a spot accidently when i was moving on the building map.

-Speaking about missplacing things, removing buildings or sites should give some of the ressources back. ( Depends on the % it is finished nearly finished buildings shouldn´t give the same ammount a freshly building side should give.)

- Even if i am fine with no saving feature for now, it would be since building everything from scrap is a bit of a pain. Anyways can´t wait for new stuff.

You are welcome,sounds good will give you a report if i spot anything new (or awkard). Thought so too about the workers and streets atleast i noticed it when i placed a new way.  Big thank you for developing a game like this.

First of all, this game is everything i ever wanted. Medival city builder meets Mount and blade and i believe it could be the next big hit.

So i played some couple of hours and i wanted to make a video(If it is ok for you) but i encountered a major bug :

-My keep could not be finished(all my workers idiled at their homes running circles) and when it was (after 10 minutes) i selected to build a barracks for the pikemen. Problem was i placed roads around the keep and i was unable to build the barracks and it hasn´t disappeared. I still could drop certain buildings but the barracks blueprint stayed red even in the "free roam" mod. Had to end the game meeh... all the progress lost.(Couldn´t also demolish the since the place building blocked it). Also i was able to "recruit" pikemen without the building. It removed the weapons and the gold but no soldier was added. Also the building dropped back to 0% done even if it was standing there.

-Some Buildings (huntsmen) have a certain clipping problem after reaching i believe it was tier 3. There is a house (physically) but you could still move through that Wall. Not sure if it fixed itself.

-Another bug i encountered was while crafting a wooden shield and a mace. When i armed myself with it it duplicated itself. I ended up having 3 shields and 2 clubs i couldn´t sell or destroy since the button in the inventory justs drops the wepon or armor on your feet.

I try it tommorow again still a bit nagged about the bug was some hours i sunked into it. Keep up the good work!