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New puzzles

A topic by Cryptic Hybrid created Dec 22, 2019 Views: 241 Replies: 10
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I just gave the new build a try and I have yet to solve the new puzzles. Maybe I'm screwing up the safe combination but the panel... Wouldn't this be the solution? <spoiler> ... 

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thanks for trying out the new riddles so fast!

You almost solved it, but its not yet the solution. Do you want a hint or keep trying?

Hmm... I'll keep trying. :)

Alright. Just look a little closer, its a very tiny thing you need to fix!
Btw. in case you can't turn the lightswitch on/off, you might have an older build, we uploaded another one with various minor fixes.

Good luck!

Extra fiddlin' and I managed to find it. Now.. the box and the safe... :)

Awersome! That was actually the riddle we were most afraid people would not "understand". Would you say, that it takes too much time or is unclear? 

At this point, the safe is the most unclear to me.. after trying for almost two hours now to find the combination. The gauge puzzle doesn't seem hard, it's just the finesse that can be a little difficult to achieve. 

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We will make this more clear in our next update, as many didnt seem to find the connection there.
In the shelf with the books there is a picture on the wall which shows different medical items of different height. You must adjust the books with the right topic on that height and then put the symbols in order of the items on the picture from top to down at the safe.

I figured the correlation and I was looking at this for some time... initially I was going for a combination of elements from the first line... and when I tried other combinations... I was putting the wrong flower symbol... Pffftt... maybe I shouldn't try puzzles at 4 am. 


And finally I made a video of a playthrough. :) I really want to see what's outside the 'good' doctor's office. 

Is this Game still in development?