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hey, even if it's not your kind of genre, the video is damn entertaining! thanks for that. we are glad that it worked well for you and the performance was fine. puzzles are a big deal, but horror elements are also planned and will follow as the game progresses. if you're in the mood, we would love to see you playing our upcoming builds. :p 

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hey, glad you liked the alpha and thanks for the entertaining video. i'm also happy to hear that you enjoyed the visuals - every asset is ofc made by us (because you mentioned it) and we will improve the visuals even more by the time. it's not easy to get the puzzle difficulty right, since some already told us that they are too easy, some told us they are pretty hard. we will try to balance that. about the crashes: that sucks and needs to be fixed. we had no crashes on our machines so far. if you got some time, could you please tell us your system specifications? for the next build we are trying to get some graphic options ready, we will also upload more graphical presets. we would be happy if you could test it again, when the new build is ready.

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that's still a good setup for most games of the current generation. optimization is a big thing, so thanks for the specs! :) we will add new puzzles soon, ofc some story progression after repairing the chair and some polishing to the current stuff. when that's done, we would be grateful to hear your feedback again!

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hey, thanks for creating this great video and enjoying the current build! any feedback is highly appreciated. :)

hey! glad you liked it, even if its quite short right now. its also nice to hear that the game ran well. could you tell us some of your system specifications? would be cool to have some more detailed data since performance is important for us. do you think the puzzles were just nice the way they are or should it be harder to solve some of them? same goes for future puzzles, should we keep that level of difficulty or make them harder? 

thanks again for playing and making that great video!

me neither. :p what do you think about the puzzle difficulty?

thats all right now and even the puzzle part before the chair isn't complete yet. but thanks for playing! was the game running well and how long did it take you to finish the current stuff?