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v0.2 Patch Notes Locked

A topic by Remember created Dec 22, 2019 Views: 56
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v0.2 release note (Dec 21 2019)

FEATURE: Added two new puzzles and items related to them
FEATURE: Added lots of new furniture
FEATURE: Added readable items
FEATURE: Added footsteps and headbob
FEATURE: Added a saving system ( work in progress)
FEATURE: Added crouching
FEATURE: Added lots of smaller assets

UPDATE: Moved the chair pieces to different positions
UPDATE: Moved the casket box puzzle to a different position
UPDATE: Increased slightly the interaction range
UPDATE: Added an indication when the current game ending is reached
UPDATE: Removed the controls bar at the bottom and replaced it with single controls visuals
UPDATE: Improved overall UI and text
UPDATE: When interacting with a stationary puzzle a short camera animation is played
UPDATE: Slightly improved overall performance
UPDATE: New blur effect shader
UPDATE: More objects can now be opened and closed!
UPDATE: Improved overall lighting and post processing effects
UPDATE: Continued to incrementally improve art, effects, sound and environments

BUGFIX: Adjusted several objects to improve interaction
BUGFIX: Fixed a softlock when switching back to playerview shortly before solving a stationary puzzle
BUGFIX: Improved several locations suffering from light leaks
BUGFIX: Fixed a bug triggering sounds multiple times