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Spellrazor - a haunted arcade game from 1981 · By Fluttermind

Linux build?

A topic by murks created Dec 20, 2019 Views: 161 Replies: 2
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Hi there.

About time I paid for this inspirational Löve game. I saw it years ago in the forums and it shows that a single dev can make a very neat game in Löve.

Maybe you can make an AppImage or something? I know it's not as easy as it should be. I'm sure I can make it work anyway.



Thanks so much for the support! Yeah, I’m not at a computer for a couple of weeks and even then, I don’t have any experience with Linux! In the meantime, I hear that dragging the .love file out of the Mac app and dragging it to the love2D engine  executable gets it to work perfectly. Good luck and happy holidays!

Yeah, that was what I was thinking. It's probably also possible to cut the engine bit from the fused Windows version, but that sounds messy in comparison to extracting the .love from the OSX zip.

Getting that AppImage stuff to work is really not straight forward, so I don't blame you. Maybe I'll put up a guide once I managed myself. It kind of sucks to not have a Linux build that "just works" as developer working on Linux.

I wish you relaxing holidays!