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[DEMO AVAILABLE] Hover Tank Battle League V2 - Dev Blog

A topic by Rubeki created Feb 22, 2017 Views: 406 Replies: 3
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Hello all,

Hover Tank Battle League is a small, local multiplayer game for Windows. The game features:

  • Local multiplayer tank dueling!
  • Supports Xbox and Ps4 controllers
  • Single player mode against bot with keyboard and mouse support
  • 4 arenas

You can buy it here and get free updates! ->

I'm currently in development of the first update round, which includes:

  • 4 new, larger arenas
  • Improved AI for single player fun
  • AI vs AI mode (This one's gonna be fun :D)
  • Mac version (May not support all Xbox controllers!)
  • Improved graphics

Below is a video of the first large arena - a WIP, but near complete - and some screenshots of the game

Any feedback would be appreciated :)

Another day, another arena :)

And the final Winter Wonderland arena design:

Note that I'm wandering in local multiplayer mode so I don't get shot!

Free demo now available on the main page! >>>

Hi everyone,

I've been working on a new Rolodex arena selection system. This should be more extensible! ie. adding new arenas should be much easier.