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Orbox B: Rebirth - great sci-fi logic puzzle

A topic by gamebalance created 41 days ago Views: 75 Replies: 2
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My game is here:

I have no idea how to make dev logs correctly.

But anyway. Finished a new level pack - Spikes ahead. Added several new mechanics. Various types of spikes and something like a weapon to destroy spikes. Also the new level pack is all about spikes.

On a picture below the most big spike block. It also can be destroyed but harder than other spikes.

I am very open to suggestions. Especially ideas for stuff that can be bought in the game for coins or crystals.

Right now the game has 5 story level packs. And 2 general packs(without/unrelated to story). The game has level editor, so users can create their own levels and share within the game online.


The game is released but it is not finished. Available on PC/Linux, Android, iOS. 

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Mockup of new main menu screen. There are tabs on the left instead of different buttons that are leading to separate screens. Each tab leads to the named section. The idea is to reduce number of clicks. For example if player goes inside main game(story mode), first he sees select pack screen. Then click pack and go inside level selector. So if player would wanted to go to visit say level editor, then he should clicked back buttons to go out to previous screens and go to the main menu. And that are few clicks back and forth each time

With tabs he can just click a tab to go to a section immediately. Menu on the left always there. Unless it's gameplay.

Added mechanics gallery to the press kit. (Press kit is in development)

It's very cool overview of a lot of mechanics our game has.

Press kit is on our site here