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TexGraph 0.4.0 issues

A topic by BlenderM created Dec 08, 2019 Views: 120 Replies: 3
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Hello David! I noticed that in TexGraph 0.4.0 full screen mode, when I click on "Open File", "Save", "Save As", the screen is very freezed. And some Always On Top programs do not appear on top of TexGraph 0.4.0. My Taskbar with automatic hiding also does not appear when you drag the cursor down the screen in full screen mode.


Hello there, how are you achieving full screen mode? TexGraph doesn't support it officially, do you mean with the window maximized? Or are forcing full screen with some key combination or external software?

Yes, I mean window maximized. When you press the middle button of 3 buttons in the upper left corner.

My bad, *upper right corner.