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Fumiko! - A surreal 3D Platformer (yes, 3D Platformer)

A topic by Odrez (Fumiko Games) created Feb 16, 2017 Views: 155
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Hi! I am happy to share "Fumiko!" with you - a game I made over the past 3 years and just published on Steam.

To the page

The game deserved to have a DRM free version (like every game does) and I can't imagine a better place than for this. This opinion might or might not be highly influenced by the amazing upload process and how quickly I got the game on here. Big kudos to this website.

What is Fumiko?

Fumiko! is a game about a female artificial intelligence finding her place in a virtual world. It features challenging 3D platforming and handcrafted low-poly scenes with a surreal touch. It's about 6-10 hours long and tells a psychological thriller story. In addition to directly addressing topics like Open Source and Surveillance, the game was developed with the Unity3D Linux Editor Alpha and mostly Open Source software was used to realize the game.

You can watch the Steam Announcement Trailer or the First 5 Minutes of gameplay to get to know the game:

I am looking forward to seeing your feedback on the community page and I am happy to be here next to all these other amazing indie games.

The game will be 25% off until February 28th.

Best Regards,