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ASC Dungeon

A topic by Antonio Marcelo created Feb 15, 2017 Views: 192
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Hi guys!

I´d like to announce a new game initiave called AscDungeon . The main goal is develop a plataform/adventure game with old feelings and a lot of nostalgia. I´m an old guy and I play game since old times. I love the oldies and BBS games with a lot of ANSI Art and Atari days.

ANSi art is a computer art form that was widely used on old BBSes. It is very similar to ASCII art, but with a larger set of 256 chars ( includingletters, numbers, and symbols -- the old IBM code page 437) and used in DOS and *nix systems

If you have an idea for a level please feel free to send a message, I´d like to see and ossibly put in the game. My idea is share the game with the community and made two levels for week. That´s it!