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Requesting Help with API

A topic by tinjaw created 8 days ago Views: 25 Replies: 3
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I believe that I have done what I need to do to get the user's API key available as a JWT for use with `profile:me` and am checking my environment and not finding the ITCHIO_API_KEY key.

Does anybody have/know of an example app that uses the API that I could look at to see a known working example?


What platform/engine/language are you using?

I am testing on Windows with a custom Python (pygame) application. I have created the toml, compiled using PyInstaller. Pushed to itch. Updated my app through itch app. Run my app. It prints out every key in the environment and ITCHIO_API_KEY isn't listed.

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More Info: If I generate and use an API key (instead of JWT) my code works.

This raises the question, Do I need to run my program from the app for it to use the manifest and provide a JWT? (vice, running the EXE directly from the installed directory)