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Zombie Moshpit

A topic by Elrenia created 55 days ago Views: 30 Replies: 3
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Sorry it took so long for me to comment, Ive been so busy with work. OMG! Ok so this is Raw, unedited video and yeah I know it's long but It's looking good so far. The Nades were pretty cool! Here's my video for ya: 


Hey, no problem - time is money ;-) thank you for the video - I love´s funny to see you playing around with the ai (sometimes my zombies are behaving a little bit weird XD)

lolol yeah good times ^_^


If you loved the music - I just updated the game with a whole new soundtrack of a professional band (the music in the game is now how it was intedend from the beginning...Yeah)...and with the feedback, I got from your video, I made some changes to make it easier to begin the game...Thanks for your video - it helped me very much (btw. the thing with the radar, showing the nurse, the merchant etc. was very much harder, than I thought, but I hope, I can get this feature in a future version in the game...Thanks for your video - it gave me great input and helped me to make the game better (please excuse my bad english, but I´m not a native speaker ;-) )