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This game was sooo cool! I don't usually like point and click but this one looked amazing! The story was awesome and the puzzles were not super frustrating. Amazing job! Made you a video: 

Ok. Seriously...This game made me jump allot. I usually don't really get scared but fk. You got me good on this one. Ahahaha. Made you a video: 

Very Creepy and fun game. Exactly the style that I love. I can't wait to play more. I know there's already a bunch of videos but I made you one ^_^ 

I liked it, it was different! I made you a lil video: 

AHHHHHHHHHH fk ok thanks

Very cool game. I can't wait to play more! I know you already commented on youtube but I figured I should post it here LOL. Sorry. I was slow. ..Imma follow it and feel free to reach out once there's more added to it. I honestly think this game is awesome! Here's my video: 

Very Very awesome looking game, I had a ton of fun. Made you a video: 

Looks cool so far. Made you a lil video :

np at all! ^_^

Good Story, I like the idea, Made you a video: 

Fun lil game, made you a video: 

This game! I can't stop saying how much I love i, can't wait to see the full version. Made you a video: 

Ahaha yeah all good!

np at all ^_^

Np at all! It was awesome! Seriously LOVE the art. Super cool. Thanks ^_^

The game was different, I had a good time. Made you a video: 

Good stuff! I really like the art allot, it was like a dark version of Super Mario. Too bad I could not get further! Made you a video: 

Great lil game, it was different, made you a video: 

I could not figure it out sorry but it was not that bad. I added my own music to it lol. Made you a lil video: 

Np! ^_^


Np! CAn't wait to see what you make next lol!

ahahah awesome. Np at all. Good stuff!

I'l admit, it made me jump once. lol...Here's my video: 

I had a good time. Awesome! . Made you a lil video: 

Very good for your first game! I think it was awesome.Here's my video: 


Nice Idea for a game. I think it could be awesome as a VR game. Made you a video Here: 

Awesome! Np and thanks! ^_^

Nice preview of the game! Made you a lil video ^_^

Funny lil game, Made me crave Kraft Dinner.Made you a lil video,

I loved it! It was fun! Good stuff. Made you a lil video : 

Great game! I loooove it! Even scared me a couple of times. Too bad I was not able to finish it. Made you a lil video: 

Very cool Cult game! Made a video, even though there's already a million lol. 

Thank you ^_^ !!  and NP.

I tried, I could not do it, lol! Nice game though. I wish you could see the hunter. Here's my video: 

Very cool game. I got stuck at collecting teeth. Made a video here: 

I had a good time playing this game, made you a lil video: 

Nice lil game. I tried lol, here's my video: 

Very fun game, it was different. The song at the end was the best! Made you a video: