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Soccer Pong Launch on (FREE KEY)

A topic by Makriva created Feb 14, 2017 Views: 156 Replies: 1
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soccer pong is a mix between pong and breakout. The game itself was made in around about a month, Giving a free key to whoever gets to it first. this game is on game jolt for free but gets updated slower. I had made this game in game maker studio, and want to port it to android at some point but can not because it is 300$ for android settings. I am 15 (turning 16) and game design (and development) is really my passion. oh and to whoever gets the key first congrats.

Hi.Thanks for the free key. :)

But 300$ just for Android? Wow. I bought Construct 2 on a Steam sale for 50% (~50$) and it has all export options for free.