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Can't find my published game

A topic by Gregzenegair created Dec 01, 2019 Views: 1,173 Replies: 1
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I posted a new game and I received an email claiming it was successfully published. However I can't find it while searching on

I have checked that the game has public access and has a file to download (exe) 

Here is the link

I have read the topic, and checked any point :

  • First verify that your project is indeed unindexed: Search for it directly by full name : I searched and it does not appear
  • Ensure that your project is published: From the edit page, in the Visibility & access : I checked Public and did not checked any Public access settings to limit availability
  • Ensure you have a cover image uploaded : I have a cover image
  • Ensure you have files uploaded to the project page : I have a Windows downloadable executable uploaded and available
  • If your project is marked NSFW : my project is not NSFW
  • If you're selling your first page then your project may be in our review queue : Maybe it is review queue, nothing showing it is in review queue but, maybe
  • Your page may be marked for review by one of our internal checks : ok maybe I must wait a bit more

Thanks in advance for your help. Best regards 


Please read the rules before posting. Thanks

Before you create a topic asking why you can’t find your game in Search or Browse READ THIS: If you still need to create a topic about it, then please write in your post that you read the docs and you still have a question, otherwise we’ll close your topic

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