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Strive: Conquest

A successor to first Strive For Power game, currently at alpha stage · By Strive4Power

Version 0.3 Demo bugs

A topic by Contus created Dec 01, 2019 Views: 604 Replies: 6
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So I've gone through some of the 0.3 release and found a few bugs/oddities, nothing major so far.  I've only really played around with stuff in the Mansion, having only briefly explored combat/dungeons. Here is what I've found so far:

When Creating your Starting Slave, if you are in windowed display mode, when you highlight the Type for Slave/Servant, a portion of the top of the pop-up explanation box is cut off.

For the Druid class, while 'Fairy' was added to the show up requirements, it is still missing from the 'one_of_races' code in the requirements to actually unlock it.  (fixed as of 0.3b)

Because Rogue class has the [himself] descriptor, [himself] needs to be added to the "func translate(text):" in the [] in the src folder. (fixed as of 0.3b)

Occasionally when going to pick up new quests, one will show up with issues with the reward: it won't say what it is and only shows the general food icon. In the console, the error that pops-up is:

SCRIPT ERROR: see_quest_info: Invalid get index 'code' (on base: 'Dictionary').
          At: res://src/

When it comes to taking quests, the days remaining goes down in 5 day increments. It seems to be counting down the [quest.time_limit -= 1](src folder;; line 540) once for each active guild. I dummied out the Workers guild and started a new game, now the days remaining goes down in 4 day increments. In my own files I've changed the quest.time_limit to 0.2 so it will only go down 1 day with all 5 guilds active as a stop-gap measure. (fixed as of 0.3b)

Related to Random Chat: I've noticed that when the Master gains enough EXP for a new class, they also will use the same lines, sometimes referring still to a Master in the text popup. (fixed as of 0.3b)

Small typo - in the Apprentice Description, the last line reads "Casting some spells also heavily relies no mana." Should be "relies on mana." methinks. (fixed as of 0.3b)

The 'Necromancer' skill "make_undead" is not defined nor has a description in [localization\en\]. The same for the 'Soul Eater' skill "consume_soul".

I've notied that for the 'Trainer' class, despite the listed class prerequisites, it didn't actually matter that you had either 'Master' or 'Watchdog', it always showed up green. Digging into the [] and [] I found that while the code = 'has_any_profession' was listed for "func decipher_single(i):" it was not listed for "func valuecheck(i, ignore_npc_stats_gear = false):" explaining why it wasn't actually verifying active classes. After playing with it a bit (and breaking all the things in the process) the best result i found was to add:

        check = professions.has(i.value) or professions.has(i.value2) == i.check

to "func valuecheck(i, ignore_npc_stats_gear = false):" and to change the 'Trainer' reqs to:

    {code = 'has_any_profession', value = 'master',  value2 = 'watchdog', check = true}

leaving the code = 'stat' part as is. This also neccesitates changing the 'has_any_profession' in "func decipher_single(i):", which i changed to:

    text2 += 'Has any of Classes: ' + Skilldata.professions[i.value].name + ' or ' + Skilldata.professions[i.value2].name

With these changes it now properly checks for either class to allow or deny access to it. This is also easily applied to the 'Sex toy' class for the 'pet' vs. 'petbeast' instead of having to use the orflag which "func decipher_reqs(reqs, colorcode = false):" did not seem to like given that it always showed up green for that requirement regardless of whether it was true or false. (The actual check with the orflag did seem to work as intended though, just didn't show up on the UI correctly) This could also simply be duplicated and scaled up if you were to add new classes that had 3 or more possible paths to advance from. (eg. have Dragon Knight or Berserker or Valkyrie to be able to get said new class) (fixed as of 0.3b)


I also have a few suggestions;

Would it be possible to expand Ability Panel to 12 instead of 9? Mainly for combat abilities, as once in combat you have space for up to 12, but you currently can only set 9 of your choosing. Or just change the in combat listing to 9. Either way, it's mainly just the inconsistency between the two that bug me. Also, perhaps label the toggle button to change between the Social and Combat Ability Panels, or otherwise make it stand out more? Currently, it's somewhat easy to overlook if you're not already familiar with it as it is not mentioned in the tutorial.

Also, since you already have a few race specific jobs(eg. Dragon Knight, True Succubus), maybe change the beast version of 'Pet' to 'Beast Pet' or something similar? It would clarify why there are different stats and, with either your current method or the one I explained above, 'Pet' is currently listed twice on the requirements for the 'Sex Toy' class which might cause some confusion.

I'll keep playing around with it and do more exploration/combat/dungeons and see if I can't come up with a few more things. I hope some of this helps.

P.S. I do realize that this is still very early on in development, and that you may already have some plans/ideas for some of these things that may just not be a priority right now, just figured I could post what I found.

This is a very good report, thanks a lot!

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I'm glad my previous post was of use! I got 0.3b now to play with, so here's some more stuff!

Mostly minor stuff/convenience:

Regarding tools, when it comes to the image generated for staves, it seems to have the colors for the 'Knub' & 'Weapon Handle' reversed somewhere.

Regarding equipment with HP bonuses; When equipped it does add to the character's HP max, but, it doesn't add to their current HP, so for character with an already large base HP, like Dragonkin, or equipment with large HP bonuses, you end up with a large chunk of HP "missing", which unless you use magic or items to heal up, it takes a long while to fill up on its own. Makes it inconvenient to say switch between Plate Armor with %10-%20 HP or more for venturing outside and a Maid Outfit back at the Mansion(#becausethatsmyfetish).

When selecting a class to unlock, it seems to take into account the current gear they are wearing; so say someone could put on a "Maid Dress" to surpass the needed stats to get the 'Dancer' class, when without the dress they have less then 20 Charm. Fairly sure that is unintended?

Minor typo on 'Dragon Knight' skill "Air Cutter": "50% chance to cause target ot bleed for 2 turns." should be "target to bleed".

When a character has been dispatched to a location then assigned to the "Combat Party" I've noticed you can hover over the character and see the healing spells they have available to use; however in that little pop-up, the (presumably?) mana cost listed on the icon shows "10" for any of them. If you hover over the icon to get the specifics, there it shows the correct cost, and when used is also the correct cost, it's just the initial pop-up that seems to have the issue.

You might want to disable the "Quest settings:" for Medium and Hard in the Guild upgrade options (or the "Quest Number:" upgrade option itself) or at least put a note on the screen that they currently do not work since there are no defined medium or hard quests for any Guild. Otherwise the console starts spitting out the error:

SCRIPT ERROR: make_quest_for_guild: Division By Zero in operator '%'.

          At: res://src/

Now this doesn't seem to really break anything aside from no actual quest being generated.

Now for more pertinent problems:

For the 'Knight' class skill "Protect", currently when used it will soft lock combat and you can only close out the game. Easy fix: It presently is missing any "damage_type =", so adding "damage_type = 'weapon',"(like most buff combat skill seem to have) to it in the [] resolves the issue.

I've run into a problem with the "Charm" skill(any possibly other 'casted' skills that grant a buff with a duration): Under certain conditions, when reapplying "Charm" to a character the 'charmed' effect loses its duration, effectively becoming permanent, with only the console message of "error in template charm1". Specifically, this happens when either I've loaded a save file with the buff already in place, then try to reapply it, or, after I save the game (whether it's the same file or a new one), then try to reapply it. If it was (properly) applied after game save/load, the refresh of the duration works as intended. This is not the case with other buffs like 'satisfaction' that is applied after sex which works as intended even if the buff is already present.

That's about all I've come up with besides possible ideas on class requirement/combat/mana balance stuff, which isn't really worth considering so early on in development, since so many other core functions will likely be changing a lot.


"When selecting a class to unlock, it seems to take into account the current gear they are wearing; so say someone could put on a "Maid Dress" to surpass the needed stats to get the 'Dancer' class, when without the dress they have less then 20 Charm. Fairly sure that is unintended?"

In the old game boosts to stats were taken into account when unlocking classes, so I personally assume (without knowing) that it is intended.

In the previous game, he had changed Beauty so that only base beauty was taken into account; I brought it back into line with the other stats myself.  Whether this particular instance is intended or unintended in fact, I can only hope that it's as easy to fiddle with the stats and requirements in this game.

Not sure if it’s on my side, but when starting it up the window pops in the upper right corner of my screen making it impossible to do anything.

Bahamut, this is late, and you may have gotten an answer from browsing the earlier threads already.

Regardless, just start the program and then don't click on ANYTHING until it launches.

It's a very strange and annoying bug, but if you know the secret, then it's easily dealt with.

idk if something happened while I was downloading it previously but on "Dau: 311, Hour: 10:00," an event pops up and in the other box it says:

OpenGL ES 2.0 Renderer: GeForce GT 710/PCIe/SSE2
SCRIPT ERROR: open: Invalid call. Nonexistent function 'get_short_name' in base 'String'.
          At: res://src/