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simple doubt

A topic by Victoro created Feb 13, 2017 Views: 382 Replies: 6
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Is not the double--trace "--- comments here" command supposed to be ignored by the byte counter of the script?

I just realise that no matter if i wrote an "--Comment" or a "--[[comment--]]" the byte counter continued to increment as i was typing like tere were no "--" in the line.

Is this a glitch?

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Hmm, unfortunately can't understand the problem. Could you please provide a screenshot, maybe it will help.


Of course, look this example:

See? No matter if i type an "--" for comments. The counter at the right corner still count my letters... What i'm supposedly doing wrong?


I got it !

The counter, as you call it, counts the number of characters in your script regardless if those characters are part of the code or in comments.

This is not a glitch. And do not stop using comments to lower the counter. The counter just display some overall usless information.


Got it :)

TIC has 64K buffer for source code, and it doesn't matter is it comment or not, you can type only 65536 chars in the editor.

It's not a glitch :)


Oh! Hahahah! My bad! :D

Man this really is a motivation for laconic coders, he he!


Or maybe it's the motivation to write on MoonScript =)