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Mind At Sea - Underwater Psychological-Horror

A topic by Cameron Harford created Nov 26, 2019 Views: 201
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Softly I rise and fall, at the complete mercy of the waves. Is it as peaceful as people say? Don't have the energy to swim back to shore, nor the desire. Nothing but the sound of water filling my ears. Drifting away now, I feel nothing. As I enter my eternal slumber the deep beckons me.

A first person psychological-horror set in the mind of a drowning person's final moments. 

Mind At Sea was originally made to challenge myself to learn more C++ but ended up becoming a finished project that I completed in 3 weeks. I've released it on for free so that anyone can try it and give me feedback. If you do play it let me know what you think! 

Game page link:

Here's some in game images that also feature on the game page.

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