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Great little game, especially for a first project! Love games that explore the theme of underwater horror. 

Wasn't sure if having the flashlight off helped being hidden from the enemy but it seemed to have worked as I wasn't found :D Otherwise had good atmosphere and got quite tense at the end, nice work!

Thank you so much General Red for being both patient and providing a video! Great feedback and I'll be taking this into account for future projects. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Ah awesome, sorry you had to experience that!

Hey General Red! Apologies for the delay, I was busy. Also accidentally deleted my reply to you instead of editing it :/

After some research it appears you either need to update your graphics drivers or if you're using Windows 11 you should run the game in compatibility mode for Windows 10. Another option is to hit Alt+Enter when launching the game to switch fullscreen mode.

Let me know how you get on with the above!

Thanks so much for playing! Your playthrough was a great watch and I'm glad you enjoyed it :D 

I'm incredibly grateful for your detailed feedback and thank you for leaving a comment + video! 

If I wasn't working on another project I'd go back and adjust that last area. As you mentioned it does need better design from a navigation perspective. I aimed for an open area with a couple of branching routes but failed to make the direction clear enough. 

Very happy that you enjoyed the sound! Spent a fair amount of time trying to make them fit the theme. Though I do agree (and as people have given the same thoughts below) that some sounds need their volume adjusting. The chase theme comes to mind. 

Definitely taking this all into consideration for my current project and hopefully it'll be a vast improvement!

Anyway, glad you enjoyed the game and thanks for playing! :D 

Super glad you enjoyed it! I hope you managed to find the final blessing and if not, look below! Thanks for playing :D

Atmosphere is spot on and the style is fantastic. Love the sound design. While there are bugs, there is also nice attention to detail. Especially with all the settings customisation provided. A major gripe I have is with the short trees. Think they should have collision disabled, would probably help the AI too. While the objective became unclear at the end, I feel like the objective ping was super useful. Great game!

Absolutely fantastic game! Gameplay was incredibly satisfying and the visuals on the bow really help to understand the mechanics. The audio was great and I love the atmosphere created which really helps tie into the story/message. Overall visuals are amazing. Clearly a lot of hard work and love went into this. Fantastic job guys!

Absolutely loved this. The music and atmosphere was incredibly well made and the story had me guessing the whole way through. I agree with those who found the walk a bit too slow but overcame it by walking diagonally which is a bit faster :D Otherwise, great game. Well done all those who worked on it!

Fantastic work! Loved the atmosphere and the visuals were super appealing. The sounds were perfect throughout and kept me on edge. Cheers for creating this!

Awesome, thank you so much for playing and your video was great to watch!

Glad you enjoyed it! :D

Thanks for playing! Your video was good fun to watch and you gave some great feedback!

Thank you for playing!

Thank you so much for your great feedback! I really enjoyed your video and glad that you liked the game!

You make a good point about the crouch walking, I'll bear that in mind for the future. 

I'm happy you enjoyed it! Thank you for playing!

Thanks for playing!

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! It was great fun to watch your video and see how you react! Thanks so much for playing!

Very happy to see that you liked it! Yeah, I didn't want anyone to feel like it was a slog to get all of the Blessings again. Thank you so much for playing and leaving your wonderful thoughts!

Thank you so much! Super thrilled you enjoyed the game (and the font)!

Thanks for giving your thoughts! Super useful feedback. I'll see what I can do to make it easier to find where you're supposed to go. Also, never seen two divers in the last area before! Will need to sort that. Happy you enjoyed it though!

Glad you enjoyed it despite your fear! Your video was great to watch, thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! Happy to see you enjoyed it and your video was great!

Hmm might be something with your antivirus. Does running the .exe as an administrator work? Also if that doesn't work, maybe try downloading as a .zip and open that.

Thanks! Definitely got things to improve but it was a great learning experience.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much for playing!

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Softly I rise and fall, at the complete mercy of the waves. Is it as peaceful as people say? Don't have the energy to swim back to shore, nor the desire. Nothing but the sound of water filling my ears. Drifting away now, I feel nothing. As I enter my eternal slumber the deep beckons me.

A first person psychological-horror set in the mind of a drowning person's final moments. 

Mind At Sea was originally made to challenge myself to learn more C++ but ended up becoming a finished project that I completed in 3 weeks. I've released it on for free so that anyone can try it and give me feedback. If you do play it let me know what you think! 

Game page link:

Here's some in game images that also feature on the game page.


Thank you so much for your great description and very glad you enjoyed it! Super happy you got the message and your video was a joy to watch. 

Hey! Thanks for playing! Your video was super useful for feedback so thanks for making it. I'll see what I can do about the stuttering you had about half way through. I'll also add some hints as it isn't very clear what to do at points. I noticed there were some sound stuttering too, was that ingame or just in the recording?