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For whatever reason, when I got to day 13, this happened.

A topic by Redbaron14n created Feb 11, 2017 Views: 606 Replies: 8
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When I got to day 13, everyone would come and leave INSTANTLY. They would just get their order out like "Get me a polearm please." and then they would leave. I had to average out what everyone wanted and make it before they came in order to make any money. If anyone know's how to fix this, please let me know.

I am having the exact same problem

I'm having the same problem, actually. Except that I can't even get them an item before they arrive, even if it's on the counter already and it's what they requested.

Hmm, when I put it on the counter and it's what they want they'll still leave quickly but quickly pop back in, get it, and pay.

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Odd. Well, That was happening for me in 0.0.60. I haven't gotten that far yet in the new update, so I guess I'll see if it's still the same once I get there.

How do you check what update you're on?

I'm not sure, but the same thing occurred to me when I got there again in 0.0.61.

Good thing they fixed it in 0.0.62. And even more glitches in 0.0.63.

Ran into the same issue and noticed that some customers wold walk in and demand an item then walk back outside but hang out by the door.

Brought the item they wanted to them (should have charged for delivery) and got the sale.