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A 3D terrain editor for GameMaker - and, hopefully, other purposes too! · By Dragonite


A topic by nazgulsenpai created Nov 18, 2019 Views: 805 Replies: 2
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First of all, this is an awesome project and you're awesome for sharing it.  But I have to ask... Why GameMaker instead of an engine like Godot with native 3D? Just extremely curious. 


Thanks! It started out as (and mostly still is) a thing I could use to make terrain that I could use in other Game Maker things myself, so it tends to be pretty helpful to use the same thing to make the tool since the terrain data's already in the exact format that I need. Also this time around it was a side project that I didn't want to spend a lot of time on the technical details of, and had already made the renderer for the other stuff I was working on.

Thanks for answering :> Again, it's awesome!