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Thanks for answering :> Again, it's awesome!

TerrainOps community · Created a new topic Amazing

First of all, this is an awesome project and you're awesome for sharing it.  But I have to ask... Why GameMaker instead of an engine like Godot with native 3D? Just extremely curious. 

I really enjoyed this! I like the way the projectiles light the fire too, took a sec to figure out but it works great. Controls are on point too. Great work!

I love the MSPaint-style graphics :) also, the platform movement is spot on IMO - it was easy to predict how the character would move and that's all too rare with indie platformers these days. Excellent work!

Fantastic game, only issue I saw, really was the health bar is in a strange place, I almost didn't notice it until I was on my 3rd playthrough. Also when you exit the game on Windows 10 64, it always "Godot Engine Editor has stopped working"